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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Conceptualized and cultivated in the Pacific Northwest by master grower Subcool of TGA Subcool Seeds, Galactic Jack is Jack Herer crossed with an intergalactic Space Queen. Created by Subcool to honor cannabis community Saint Jack Herer, a Jack mother plant was used and eventually given to the late Mr. Herer’s family as an ode to his accomplishments. 

The Result:  The soaring high from this strain lasts for about 3 hours and is associated with a highly energetic type of coffee buzz; providing those overworked patients the perfect 9-to-5 strain. 

The Verdict: Galactic Jack is one of the best sativa strains on planet earth and one that should be tried by experienced connoisseurs. Providing an interstellar high that’s accentuated by her lofty tropical flavors, Galactic Jack was originally cultivated by one of the best breeders hailing from the Pacific Northwest. The offspring of a true legend, this is one of the tastiest sativas currently available!

Cannabinoid analysis provided by Sunrise Analytical

Cannabinoid analysis provided by Sunrise Analytical

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid (75% sativa / 25% indica )

Genetics: Jack Herer x Space Queen 

Origin: Master cultivator, Subcool, of TGA Subcool Seeds. 

How Stoned Will You Get: 7

Average THC: 19-25.2%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Strain Profile

The Science: Galactic Jack is an incredibly beneficial sativa, combining Jack Herer and Space Queen’s celestial attributes into one spaced-out strain, the genetics represented in the strain offer true medicine for the masses. Originally cultivated by the skillful cultivator, Subcool, this strain was created with an original Jack Herer selection and crossed with TGA’s legendary Space Queen. Paying homage to Jack, Subcool gifted the mother plant (Galactic Jack) back to Herer’s family after his death in 2010.

Appearance: Galactic Jack typically has long sativa colas that are most often loaded with THC trichomes. Known for her massive colas, Galactic Jack’s  individual flowers can easily tip the triple beam at well over 1 oz each. Slender, long, and somewhat dense, her oversized flower resembles a large pinecone. Cloaked in a dark green hue, Galactic Jack is accentuated by her colorful pistils and massive buds. Like shooting stars streaking across the nighttime sky, her cannabinoid laced colas glisten for all to see. Benefiting from a small leaf to calyx ratio, Galactic Jack’s buds are nothing short of mystifying at full maturation. Outside cultivators will notice – as temperatures drop during late fall –  Galactic Jack puts on a colorful show. Flashing mature orange pistils intertwined with Galactic Jack’s violet colored buds, GJ’s noteworthy phenotypes are almost pure Sativa.

Consistency: Galactic Jack has dense sticky buds that are hard to break up with the bare hand, and will leave fingers stuck together. The buds are drenched with crystals, making this bud as sticky as fly paper. A grinder is highly recommended when breaking these massive flowers up.

Scent: Galactic Jack has that typical Jack-like spice as her aromatic signature. Tingling the nostrils like pepper when you smell the flower, her spicy aroma is complemented by a sweet, delicious, grapefruit-rich aroma. Tantalizing for some and off-putting for others, Galactic Jack has a potent decomposing fruit aroma. For the sake of keeping a low profile while out and about, be sure to keep her flowers in a smell proof container and locked in the trunk of your car. A holiday for the senses, this strain will have you taking deep whiffs from your sack all day long.

Taste: Galactic Jack tastes like a psychedelic mixture of pepper, spices, grapefruit, and mangos; as her relaxing flavor covers the tongue and takes over your mouth, her citrusy overtones are slightly more subtle. Galactic Jack will first cleanse your palate, then excite it with her pumpkin spice flavor. Complimented by her fruity undertones, Galactic Jack’s flavor will linger on your taste buds for hours, leaving a distinct taste that will make any connoisseur a true believer.

Effect: Offering an upbeat head high felt behind the eyes and in the temples instantaneously, Galactic Jack provides relief for those overwhelmed by the 9-to-5 grind. The high is soaring and can be beneficial for morning motivation via the wake and bake sesh, as well as all day long. Jacked up, as though you’ve just had your favorite cup of coffee, Galactic Jack offers that perfect cross between a ‘relaxed’ state of mind and a ‘motivated’ mindset.

Strain Background: Galactic Jack combines that classic old-school Jack flavor with a bouquet of fruit. Available on shelves in California and Colorado, Galactic Jack is praised by Sativa lovers for its incredible taste and her anxiety-melting effects. A hybrid of Jack Herer and Space Queen, Galactic Jack’s sativa lineage runs deep: Jack Herer was initially created by crossing Haze with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. On the Space Queen side of this genetic mashing, Romulan was crossed with a C-99 strain.  

Medical Uses: True medicine, Galactic Jack is known for mitigating daily aches and pains, anxiety and stress – as well as providing an effective appetite stimulant.

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Growth and Seed Info

Note: Galactic Jack grows tall and skinny, usually with one main stalk. Top her as much as you can, ensuring this one main stalk turns into 8 or 9 stalks, giving you a nice canopy. This will ensure a heavy yield of some fatty buds.

Galactic Jack = Jack Herer x Space Queen

Galactic Jack = Jack Herer x Space Queen

Pros:  Yield

Cons: Height considerations (doubles in size after light cycle switch)

Original Breeder: TGA Subcool Seeds

Current Breeder: TGA Subcool Seeds

Known Phenotypes:  Strong sativa characteristics

Seed Bank of Choice:  TGA Subcool Seeds

Flowering Time:  65 days

Flowering Type:  SCROG

Growth Height: 4 -5 ft

Expected Yield: 1.5 – 2 lbs per 1000W HPS

Garden Skill Level:  Expert

Family: Fruits, Hazes

Related Strains: Jack Herer, Space Queen, Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, Haze, Romulan, C-99

Breeder Quote/Advice: Make sure to top this beautiful plant as much as possible. In doing so, she’ll provide an even canopy of nice sized flowers rather than 1 main cola.

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