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Mexico Is Legalizing Medical Marijuana Next Week


In a bold move last Tuesday, the Mexican Senate has agreed to put forth an amendment that will allow medical marijuana for those in need south of the border.

The reform is expected to be officially executed next week on Tuesday, December 13th. This monumental decision will create a medical marijuana sandwich out of North America, with the US federal government being the only one still clinging to the prohibition of yesteryear.

The move comes as several members of the Mexican government call for medical cannabis access. The cross-party agreement happened between the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN), and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Mexico’s three major political parties.

During the meeting this week, the Senate also heard from José Narro Robles, the Secretary of Health who underlined the importance of Mexico adopting this new legislation.

President Enrique Pena Nieto has been a vocal supporter of medical cannabis and loosening recreational laws as well. This past September, the Mexican President met with California lawmakers to discuss what might happen should Proposition 64 be successful. He has also said in the past that Mexico and the U.S. should not pursue diverging policies on cannabis.

Now that California has passed the bill and recreational marijuana in The Golden State is a reality, all eyes will be on Mexico to see if this will be the catalyst that finally crumbles recreational prohibition for the Spanish nation. Until that point, at the very least patients will soon be receiving the medicine they need without fear of persecution.

Viva Mexico!

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  1. If Trump is going to make America great again, The US. can’t sit back and watch the big international cannabis market get carved up without US. participation. Mexico signed a deal with Columbia for oil (?) and goes Med. nationally, Canada has signed a deal with Argentina, the Swiss MMJ. market will be supplied by Israel, the large market, Germany, coming on line. My guess is, demand will form a lot of trading partners quickly. Will America scoop up some of the gravy while pot is hot or will we wait till it’s a commodity, quoted on a world wide pot exchange and priced in relation to it’s production cost? Till the US. is able to import it cheaper than produce it?

  2. That is a great thing they are doing. If you can’t beat them joined them. Alright for Mexico….
    Viva Mexico. It about time they get with the program like Israel has been doing.

  3. So, no link to any legitimate news article covering this move?

    You have old links to CNN articles on marijuana issues in Mexico, but nothing for what would be a historic move by the Mexican government? Especially considering that less than 6 months ago, their government said it would basically never happen.

  4. This is exciting news. Where can we learn more? I’ve been searching the Google machine, but I can’t find anything else. I talked to an acquaintance who lives part of the year in Mexico, he confirmed to me that there will be a senate vote on the 13th. Any developments?

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