Rappers Beef Over “Broccoli” and Weed


If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you may have missed one of the most infectious weed songs to come along in a minute. D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty’s “Broccoli” took over the airwaves with its upbeat keys and memorable hook, becoming one of the year’s biggest singles and catapulting both artists into a different stratosphere.

Now, the smash single from two of hip-hop’s most happy-go-lucky artists is catching some flack. Kodak Black, another up-and-coming artist, is calling foul on D.R.A.M. and Yachty for stealing from his custom weed rap glossary. Why so late? Kodak wasn’t so much living under a rock as he was living inside of one in 2016. The Broward County, FL rapper was just recently released after having spent most of the year in jail on a variety of charges. Kodak claims he coined the term “Broccoli” as an alternative for weed and gets visibly upset with his fellow rap underclassmen as soon as he hears their perceived thievery.

In a now-viral clip from his Instagram, Kodak can be seen listening to “Broccoli” and vibing with it until the word in question gets uttered.

Kodak says in the clip that he’s going to start using the term cantaloupe for his sticky icky instead. Then, before anyone could jack his cantaloupe swag, he went back to Instagram to instead place the burden of creativity on the rest of the rappers out there allegedly stealing from his brain. Kodak told the collective rap community that they’d have to switch to saying “spinach or some shit.”

Kodak does have a little bit of a gripe, considering he has been using the term broccoli as his primary word for marijuana since entering the profession. For example, on one of his breakout 2014 singles “No Flockin,” the XXL Freshman says, “Told the doctor I’m a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli.”

Or does he? Lil Yachty aka Lil Boat aka the Captain of the Sailing Team defended himself quickly, pointing out that before he performs the song “Broccoli” live he always pays his respect to Kodak.

So, it seems that there may just be some miscommunication going on, as Kodak probably just wasn’t aware that the “Broccoli” artists used the term as more of an homage. But guess what, none of that matters because all three artists are clearly not up to speed with Hip-Hop History 101. No worries, their Professor showed up to class promptly to remind the children what’s what.

Bay area legend E-40, who somehow is still managing to reel off new bangers in 2016, schooled the youngsters on their rap chronology and made them eat their broccoli while he was at it. Taking to Instagram to make sure all involved parties would heed the message, E-40 cleared up who the originator really was.

“In 1993 I refer to weed as BROCCOLI on my song ‘Practice Looking Hard.’ In 1998, I made a song called ‘BROCCOLI’ on my gold double album The Element of Surprise. #ProblemSolved”

As a point of reference, I used the Genius tool RapStats to take a look at just how popular the term “broccoli” has been in hip-hop history. To compare, I included the terms “spinach” and “lettuce” as well. Going in, I assumed “lettuce” would be the runaway favorite, as many artists have used the leafy green as a euphemism for money, but Kodak’s “spinach” suggestion is actually the king of the weed slang in the past decade. Maybe the next generation will be rapping about arugula and kale.

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  1. Broccoli thats not funny? i mean if you get a song its not Drake Broccoli-that your gonna rap about , i guess have fun because i got high everday!

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