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Black Beauty Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: A rare strain that was very close to being lost forever, Black Beauty has a unique cannabinoid profile that makes it a one-of-a-kind beauty. Dark purple, dense buds ooze a sweet pineapple aroma accompanied by soothing floral notes and a subtle fuel kick. But don’t let her beauty fool you, these buds pack a serious punch.

The Result: This strain has a mouth-watering pineapple profile that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while its high THCV content gratifies many troublesome symptoms, particularly those related with PTSD.

The Verdict: This beauty delivers the unique impact of THCV — a fast and intense cerebral effect — with immediate pain relief and relaxation. Black Beauty goes far beyond just another purple strain with an elevated cannabinoid profile and a distinct flavor profile to match. Like any rare beauty, she is hard to get but certainly a reward for those who pursue her.

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Strain Characteristics

black-beauty-testType: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa

Genetics: Unknown

Origin: Northern California

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 15%

Average THCV: 2-2.5%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Strain Profile

The Science: This rare breed has a unique profile in that it is high in the uncommon cannabinoid, THCV. This rare cannabinoid delivers a robust high that hits you as fast as the majestic stallion the strain was named after. This uncommon strain is as medically beneficial as it is delicious, no spoonful of sugar needed to get this medicine down.

Appearance: Her trichome-drenched purple buds are reminiscent of a glistening cluster of concord grapes — dark, dense, and mouthwatering. The flowers put on quite a show with vibrant magenta and lime green glimmering specks amongst deep purple, almost black, nugs.  Dense, kushy nugs are a predominant feature of Black Beauty. Dripping with potent crystals, this strain evokes visions of the night sky with thousands of radiant stars on a dark canvas.

Consistency: Solid, black nugs that leave a trail of sparkling trichome dust wherever they go. But don’t let the purple color deceive you, her flowers are as sticky as glue and as hard as rocks — a grinder is absolutely necessary.

Scent: More than just a looker, her aroma is as intriguing as her beauty. When the jar opens, her sweet fruity stench can fill a room. Don’t let that fruity scent fool you though, once a nug is cracked open and deeply inhaled, she exudes a fierce fuel-drenched fragrance. The appetizing combination of zest, pineapple, and petrol is a concoction that will leave your mouth watering.

Taste: Juicy, refreshing, and syrupy. She has that typical purple flavor with a tangy twist. She coats the tastebuds with a peppery pineapple smoke that leaves you craving delectable hit after hit after hit. The sweetness of her aroma is replaced by flavorful zesty notes once inhaled, which is a captivating surprise that is sure to change the mind of any purp haters out there. Black Beauty’s flavor profile is more complex than your average purple strain — the subtle spiciness, mixed with the fuel-laced exhale, and the thick syrupy smoke pack some serious power into this purp.

Effect: This strain produces an instantaneous cerebral high accompanied by a deep relaxation behind the eyes. Pain and stress melt away as the body enters a tranquil state immediately after inhaling. Shortly after her initial kick, the heaviness disappears and a light, uplifting euphoria settles in. This is your perfect after-work toke because it unwinds your body without leaving you locked to the couch. Beware — munchies definitely ensue.  

Strain Background: A madam with a mysterious past, to say the least. A passionate grower and patient, George Biancini, picked her up as a clone from Oaksterdam University, where she was being sold as a high-CBD cultivar of Purple Pineapple. However, the genetics did a 180 when George grew her out and discovered she had 7% THC but no CBD. He began to dig deeper into the cannabinoid profile with Addison DeMoura, co-founder of Steep Hill Labs, and they discovered Black Beauty was filled with a very interesting but unusual cannabinoid — THCV. Ever since finding out the myriad of health benefits that THCV produces, George has stabilized the genetics so she can be ready for mass production. Since THCV is a hard-to-find compound in cannabis these days, George is now focused on pumping out as much THCV medicine as he can.

Medical Uses: This beauty provides an extremely unique cannabinoid profile in that it is high in an extraordinary cannabinoid, the aforementioned THCV. This rare compound is responsible for easing intense symptoms of PTSD, stimulating an appetite, aiding insulin production, and regenerating cells after a traumatic injury. There is still a universe of knowledge to be explored with THCV, but so far the research shows incredible results.

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Growth and Seed Info


Photo Courtesy of George Biancini via Beyond THC.

Note: Maturing in a short 6-6.5 weeks, she is best left to the advanced growers as she is susceptible to hermaphroditic qualities. Her high THCV attribute is best showcased when sun-grown, rather than grown under indoor lights. She is an alluring strain to watch grow as her beautiful purple buds change to black towards harvest time.

Pros: Unique, sought-after genetics

Cons: Hermaphroditic qualities, some experience required

Original Breeder: Unknown

Current Breeder: George Bianchini and the Winnemucca Indian Group

Known Phenotypes: George has 3 key phenotypes he is working with; one produces black flowers, one produces hermaphroditic ‘bananas,’ and one produces purple flowers. He has stabilized the pheno that yields black flowers with no hermaphroditic qualities.

Seed Bank of Choice: While George Bianchini has not released seeds for sale to the public yet, Lady Seeds has a cultivar of Black Beauty available for purchase.

Flowering Time: 42 – 45 days (very short)

Veg Time: Needs 24 hours of a light, will autoflower at 18 hours.

Flowering Type: Best cultivated outdoors or in a greenhouse as the light-power of the sun is what generates the elevated THCV profile.

Growth Height: 3 – 6 feet depending on training

Expected Yield: Moderate to heavy yielder

Garden Skill Level: Expert

Family: Pineapple, Purps

Related Strains: Unknown

Cover Photo Courtesy of Allie Beckett

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  2. Is this strain (Black Beauty) available for purchase anywhere in the U.S.? I was directed to a dispensary in Oregon, but it wasn’t on their menu.

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