Dairy Queen Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: She may be named after a middle-of-the-road fast food chain, but there’s nothing ho-hum about this Dairy Queen strain. Originally cultivated by TGA Subcool, this insightful combo of UK Cheese and Space Queen is a true flamethrower of a Hybrid. And, like her Dairy Queen namesake, this strain provides plenty of cheesy zest to complement DQ’s elevated mindset.

The Result: Dairy Queen’s relaxing cannabinoids cultivate a soothing sensation for all. Guaranteed to adjust even the ugliest of attitudes — day or night — the seasoned smoker will never again look at the roadside burger joint with disdain.

The Verdict: Sultry, saucy, and seriously funky, Dairy Queen is anxious to be your new favorite monarch — provided you’re fine with her cheesy aroma, of course. Great for relieving daytime anxiety or evening pain, Dairy Queen’s potent puffs are a delectable sensation regardless of the occasion. Considered royalty within the 420 community, Dairy Queen will have your mind spinning and your pain abdicating its rule over your physical domain in no time.

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Strain Characteristics

Type: 60/40% Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Also Known As: DQ

Genetics: “Exodus” UK Cheese clone x TGA’s Space Queen (Cinderella-99 x Romulan) 

Origin: US/UK

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 19%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Strain Profile

The Science: The Sativa-dominant Dairy Queen provides the perfect amount of Indica to accompany the head high. In essence, the strain provides immense relaxation minus the overpowering sedation of a pure Indica. Reeking to high heaven, this strain is just what the doctor ordered for relieving your daily bouts of anxiety and pain.

Appearance: The name Dairy Queen refers to the effect these buds have on all five senses. Seemingly born from a vat of resinous genetics, this uber-sticky Hybrid’s rounded nature and THC-glazed flower are covered with trichomes and bright orange-yellow pistols. Lime green in color, at full maturation this plant is as alluring visually as it is potent.

Consistency: Don’t be alarmed, even if your stash feels dry to the touch. When properly cultivated and cured, Dairy Queen is known for her ridiculous levels of resin production. Genetically predisposed to cultivate a mildly dense flower, her ultra gooey composition makes this strain feel like a fresh scoop of creamy gelato.

Scent: This is where Dairy Queen starts to get pungent. Imagine walking into a creamery — the pleasant smell of fresh cheese and milk combined with the rustic perfume of an old wood building — and you have yourself the sweet aroma of a Dairy Queen bud. Beyond the cheesy foreground is an undertone of sweet and sour, reminiscent of your favorite gummy snack or tart candy.

Taste: Dairy Queen combines the cheesy aroma of a creamery with the sweet crunch of freshly picked fruit. Imagine the classic dessert of apples and cheese, draped with honey, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful comparison to DQ’s sexy smoothness. Combining a touch of pine, a bit of the musty earthy-nip that comes with natural medicine, and you have yourself a spicy, sugary highway to relaxation-ville.

Effect: When you bite into something sweet, you often experience a slight tingling sensation — the body’s natural reaction to the sweet tooth craving. Dairy Queen provides a high that feels much the same, only harder, better, faster, and much stronger. After sinking your proverbial teeth into a fresh batch of DQ, you can feel the uplifting dream wash over you.

Strain Background: TGA Subcool Seeds have crossed Cheese with Space Queen, or at least her royal components (Cinderella 99 x Romulan) for a lovely Sativa-dominant blend that melts the senses and mends the mind.

Medical Uses: Great for relieving daily muscle aches, anxiety, and stress.

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tgasubcool_seeds_dairy_queenGrowth and Seed Info

Note: It’s unfortunate that such a potent strain only provides a medium yield, but it’s better than nothing. 

Pros: Performs well indoor and outdoor

Cons: Medium yield, highly pungent

Original Breeder: TGA/Subcool Seeds

Current Breeder: TGA/Subcool Seeds

Known Phenotypes: Discernible cheese profile

Seed Bank of Choice: TGA/Subcool Seeds

Flowering Time: 7 – 8 weeks

Flowering Type: SOG suggested for indoors

Growth Height: Medium

Expected Yield: .75 – 1 lbs per 1,000 w HPS

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Related Strains: Cheese, Exodus Cheese Cut, Skunk #1, Afghani, Romulan, C-99, Cinderella 88, Haze, Northern Lights 5

Breeder Quote/Advice: Be sure to “Top” DQ as a means of avoiding the Sativa stretch.

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