Denver: Social Use Advisory Committee Cultivates New Guidelines


Denver, Colorado fires up debate on how to best roll out their “social use” program passed last November.

The mile-high absurdity of Colorado’s cannabis conundrum reeks to high heaven. Although perfectly legal for adult residents and tourists to purchase and possess some of Colorado’s epic herb, those caught firing up in public currently face a $100 fine and 24 hours of community service.

Only a minor inconvenience for locals who can easily retreat to the privacy of their own abode, it has created a serious dilemma for the anxious pot tourist that have just purchased their first quarter ounce of Colorado chronic, and are ready to light up.

Already enjoying legal marijuana, great snow, and world-class microbreweries, Denver’s Social Use Advisory Committee recently gathered to discuss how to best roll out their recently passed public “puff, puff, pass” policy, according to Westworld.

“The members — all appointed by the city to represent different constituencies — discussed proximity restrictions for social-use establishments. The first hour was spent discussing restrictions on locations that would be allowed to apply for a social-use permit; much of the rest of the conversation focused on ensuring that children would not be exposed.”

Still legally frowned upon and considered bad social form, the city initially created a nationwide debate when its voters said YES on 300 last November, and voted to allow individuals to legally get high in public. Unique, trailblazing, and historic, at the time the ballot initiative passed, it lacked specific guidance on just how restrictive this program would be and how the new rules would be enforced.

Maturing nicely, the I-300 Social Consumption Advisory Committee (SCAC) addressed the following five topics during their January 18 meeting:

  •      Language in the voter-approved Neighborhood Approved Cannabis Consumption Pilot Program Initiative
  •       The City and County of Denver’s existing rules, regulations and ordinances governing medical and retail marijuana
  •       State laws governing medical and retail marijuana
  •       State and local rules and regulations governing liquor
  •       The Cole Memo – which provided the federal government’s guidance regarding marijuana enforcement in those states which have legalized marijuana
  •       Marijuana rules and regulations in those states which have legalized marijuana

Now in full bloom, the Denver Social Use Advisory Committee is cultivating some very specific rules and regulations on where and how businesses can legally allow on-site consumption. Though it would require any new venues to get approval from their neighbors before germinating their new business model, few people in “The Mile High City” see the requirement as a significant obstacle.

Anticipated to complete their initial draft of the Social Consumption Rules and Regulations by the end of summer, Denver’s 420-tourists and locals will soon be able to come out of the closet and lawfully get high with like-minded people. For those who would like to attend the next meeting, it will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd, between 9 AM – 11:30 AM in room 4.G.2, at the Wellington Webb building located at 201 West Colfax Ave. Department 101 Denver, CO 80202.

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