KandyPens Miva Review


First Impressions

Upon picking up the KandyPens Miva flower vaporizer, you can immediately feel the quality craftsmanship. The red unit with chrome accents we tested looks more like a model Ferrari than a high-end portable vape. Miva isn’t just a flashy exterior, though, she’s beautiful on the inside as well. Precise temperature controls and top-of-its-class battery life ensure you’ll be enjoying Miva’s cool, clean vapors all day long. Many times with portable vaporizers, they work alright for a while, but when they eventually break down the manufacturer is nowhere to be found. That’s why one of the most valuable features of any KandyPens unit is the lifetime warranty. Between the durability, battery life, taste, customization options, and the warranty, this KandyPens Miva is a no-brainer purchase for any connoisseur looking for a way to enjoy flower discreetly anywhere. If you’d like to pick up a KandyPens Miva for you or someone else, head to their website to see all available models.

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Final Verdict

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  1. I’ve found it useful, but unreliable. I had to send one back, because it kept consistently giving flashing read lights with a message “check fpc!” or something like that. It came back and worked fine for a while – a couple of months – and now it’s happening again.
    Also – portability is an issue, because the mouthpiece is the only thing keeping the herb in the chamber, and it doesn’t click or screw into place, so it inevitably falls open when stashed in your luggage, purse or pocket.
    Other than these things, when it’s working, it’s a fine little vape, but it won’t be replacing my grasshoppers any time soon!

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