New Petition Demands DEA Stop Lying About Marijuana


One of the most puzzling aspects of ongoing marijuana prohibition has been the ability of the government to preserve clear falsehoods within the Controlled Substances Act. Even with our limited access to peer-reviewed studies on the plant, we know that many of the risk factors initially associated with marijuana use are baseless.

Marijuana legalization advocacy group Americans for Safe Access were fed up with the hypocritical handling of cannabis and are taking a stand, but they need your help. The group started a petition that they hope will force the DEA to tell the truth about cannabis so that those in need may finally get legal access. Organizers hope to gather over 100,000 signatures, at which point the petition will be delivered to President Obama in the hope that he will force the DEA to take corrective action.

According to the Information Quality Act, it is against the law for a government agency to knowingly and purposefully disseminate false information to the public. The ASA petition argues that the DEA has been doing just that by continuing to hold fast in their claims that cannabis has addictive properties and zero medicinal value. By allowing these false claims to remain on the books, politicians are able to use the plant’s CSA designation as a reason to shoot down new reform.

The petition accompanies a legal request filed by Americans for Safe Access last month with the Justice Department in hopes of forcing the DEA to correct their outdated and disproven information. Specifically, ASA wants the DEA to stop calling cannabis a “gateway drug” and a causing factor for long-term brain damage. The filing also demands that all future legislation and publicly available information about cannabis reflect the most recently available research data and medical information.

“The DEA has actually admitted that cannabis is not a gateway drug and does not cause long-term brain damage, psychosis, and other alleged harms, yet they keep distributing this false information anyway, despite the reality these claims are not based on scientific fact,” explained Beth Collins, Senior Director of Government Relations and External Affairs for ASA. “It’s illegal for the government to disseminate inaccurate information and the DEA must be held accountable. This misinformation hurts the millions of medical cannabis patients in the 29 states where cannabis treatment is legal, as well as patients in other states who are working to pass laws, for whom safe and reliable access to marijuana is a matter of necessity.”

The timing of the petition and legal filing are no coincidence, as the nation recently watched Senator Jeff Sessions begin the confirmation process for his Attorney General appointment. The Alabama Senator has a strong record when it comes to opposing marijuana, even claiming at one point in his career, “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Advocates for cannabis know that the next legislative session is a crucial one for the advancement of legalization efforts, and they want these important decisions made based on real scientific data rather than archaic opinions.

If you would like to see the government make informed decisions about cannabis, sign the ASA petition here. You can also read the legal motion filed by ASA here, including pages 6-12 that spell out in detail each false claim the government has made about marijuana with regards to mental illness and the “gateway” theory.

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  1. David Kaczmarek on

    Why do they do this? For the same reason they did in 1919. As a way for the government to criminalize anyone they don’t like or are afraid of.

    Back then, it was minorities, specifically Mexicans and Blacks and those participating in the Jazz culture. In the 60s and 70s it was minorities and hippies. In the 80s and 90s it was mostly minorities. Since then, every race is a minority, so mainly people with dark skin.

    The common factor is rascism. O’er the land of the deceived, and the home of the afraid.

  2. A little late to be asking people to sign the petition to President Obama. Good luck on getting Trump to listen to science.

  3. Correction: Jeff Sessions is not yet confirmed as Attorney General. No nominations by Donald Trump can or will be voted on by the full Senate for confirmation until after the Inauguration this coming Friday (20 Jan). The Senate vote for Trump’s nominees will likely occur within a week or so after his Inauguration.

    • Somebody said the Jeff Sessions vote may be in the first week but that could just be when the confirmations will begin. I’m pretty sure he’ll be confirmed and I’m glad for that because I’ve had it ‘up to here’ with our unjust justice dept, but I sure hope he gets some honest counsel regarding MJ. Although he must enforce the laws. And he will, and many will be unhappy about that considering all the lawlessness they’ve gotten so used to.

  4. The DEA, is nothing more than a large group of LIARS, in Peoria Illinois people with grand mal seizures will have brain damage from the seizures that are not controlled by Ativan, or any other medication. Were controlled by the us of Marijuana. So the DEA apparently wants these people to just live their lives in one big GRAND MAL SEIZURE, which will while in progress cut off circulation to the brain, and is extremely Painful to every muscle in their body causing Lactic acid build up in every muscle they have. If the DEA wants them dead, just come on out and say it. As for PTSD which is very wide spread as we continue to send young men into combat where they will kill people and could possibly be killed . Yes I think we should just let those young men and women SUFFER, maybe they will kill themselves since obviously the DEA a large group of LIARS want them dead as well. I am a Registered nurse who has personal witnessed people with Cancer lymphoma have a death sentence because Chemo is nothing more than POSIN that destroys normal cells and does nothing to cancer cells, Yes the DEA wants them to die as well. Many tumors have been eradicated completely by the paste. If the DEA wants us all dead just say so and stop playing this game with peoples lives, who are doing Great now that they have it. A women with 22 lymomas had 2 left the last I saw her. So is it safe to say the DEA wants her dead also. YES and who is behind this liar DEA, oh Big Pharma and ONCOLIGEST . For ever dose of chemo a oncologists talks some poor fool into taking so they can fell completely get their Great Big Kick Back of greater than $6000.00 per treatment they can string them along as long as they want. There is no other MD who profits in this manner, if I went to the MD and got Leviquin ( which is known to cause aortic dissections and of course that is just fine} they know it along with Cipro yet they can still prescribe it. NICE So run for the cure I don’t think so, they do not want a cure they want you to suffer and die and they can build a mansion drive high dollar cars on your cancer which you most likely got from eating foods sprayed by pesticides if the will kill bugs that might eat your corn and you as a farmer etc, will not profit as much possibly because your corn got damaged to bad. We sent that pesticides food to Europe when bush was president, they sent it back it tasted funny. The answer was to pour a ton of sugar in it, and make Americans eat it . But it is just fine the oncologists and big pharma profit big, that is all this is about, Liars. Neurologically there are over 12 great big reason for the marijuana for Cancer it is the cure, for retinal detachment there are hundreds of reasons why it is the cure, but then we would not want the oncologist just living in a $200,000 house how sad it that. And big Pharma still handing out medications they know for a fact will kill people. Like every as single oral agent for diabetics. Their hearts end up bigger the 2 heads, every one of those oral agents dehydrate at the cellular level, You will die with your sugars way out of whack. THIS IS SO OBVIOUS THE DEA IS LIEING TO KEEP BIG PHARMA WHO ARE KILLING PEOPLE OF ALL AGES EVERY DAY.. So I have a few words for Jeff sessions who is paying you ? Someone is for you to say such a stupid thing as ” Good People don’t use marijuana” what an ignorant thing to say, maybe those good people can just do what is legal and drink VODKA and drive 70 miles an hour and kill more people. We have finally accomplished great things to acutally cure people that is what this is about Jeff wants You dead ok, so he can finically gain as well as the oncologist and big pharma who I know for a face murder people, there were so many facts I found just about the oral hyperglycemic meds. A friend of mine grandfather in the hospital dying, from taking them. I told is doctor from Metamora ill to stop it his Grandfather died the day it came out in the paper not one of you people are in your jobs DEA and all to help your in it to help yourselves by helping oncologist and MD build their palaces and you do not do it for any other reason. It is all about lying to the American people letting them suffer and die, so the mds, big fat pharma who does not pull drugs that are killing people until they absolutely have to meet the quarto of how many dead, oh that’s not enough, .This makes me physically ill because I know what DEA is doing and I know why MONEY people no they should suffer and die, the long and the short of it. all person in Medical field know it we have seen it and we have seen a huge change and your don’t like do ya, Big Pharma or others who profit, by killing you. I know exactly what I am talking about and there are solid facts to prove it. Keep it up just be honest, we are doing this so these people can get rich you just go on and die you do not count. And you people just do what we say and suffer and die, this is disgusting.

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