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Pairing Marijuana and Coffee for a Fabulous Morning


Here at we understand the enthusiasm behind an exceptional wake and bake. For many of us, it’s a fabulous way to start the day.

Another staple at the crack of dawn or whenever one chooses to rise from the dead is of course coffee, the world’s most popular beverage. And when your day starts with a combination of phenomenal coffee and fabulous weed, it can feel like anything is possible. has been on location in Costa Rica, home to some of the world’s finest coffee. We visited Nordico Coffee House to borrow some expertise on the tasting notes of their finest brews, and then paired them with some of our favorite strains to help you tackle the day with an entirely different attitude.


Tarrazu & Cheese

koffee-2Resident coffee expert and owner of Nordico, Kristoffer Layton, explained that Tarrazu coffee is special because it’s grown at high altitudes. Coffee grown higher up the mountain is the most desirable because the elevation leads to harder, denser beans. The relatively harder beans contain a higher concentration of sugars, which creates more nuanced flavors in the final product.

Tarrazu coffees are known for having sweet tasting notes like caramel or chocolate accompanied by a fruity aroma. This smooth brew is a favorite of many, both in Costa Rica and around the world. It has a velvety texture and when mixed with cream, it’s like no other coffee around. Tarrazu is at its best when prepared from a drip coffee maker, however, a French press will help produces stronger citrus notes.

As for the marijuana strain, to complement the sweet taste of Tarrazu requires something with a sharp aroma, and you can’t get sharper than LA Cheese. A perfect Cheese cultivar smells like sharp cheddar with a sour aroma that grows more pungent once it is ground for consumption. Plus, that delightful stink is sure to wake up your senses. Cheese is a house-favorite because of its relaxing and euphoric effects, in case you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Brunca & Chocolope

koffee-4On the southern border of Costa Rica near Panama is the region of Brunca. These coffee beans are grown and harvested on the vast hillsides where the temperature is a perfect 22 degrees celsius for much of the year.

Depending on the altitude, Brunca can have a very mild taste or it can be complex with sweet and citrusy notes. Because of the Pacific region’s high moisture, the beans ripen early which culminates into this coffee’s medium body. Coffee grown in the Brunca region is said to satisfy even the most particular cafe enthusiast; its mild but delicious flavor is perfect for the multi-cup drinker.

To pair with the citrus/sweetness of Brunca, a perfect strain would be Chocolope. Chocolope’s earthy flavor profile balances the zesty citrus notes in Brunca exquisitely. To make this strain, Chocolate Thai was combined with Cannalope to produce a delicious smoke. Chocolope naturally has a subtle coffee flavor which is enhanced when paired with a hot cup of Brunca. This delicious strain is known for being a wonderful stress reducer and can probably counteract any coffee jitters if you’re past your second cup.

Naranjo & Super Silver Haze

koffee-1Finally, we arrive at Naranjo coffee. This fantastic brew comes from the Naranjo region; it is so delicious that it has won the Cup of Excellence competition four times. A coffee with balanced acidity, Naranjo can have a rich, nutty and even buttery aroma. Some coffee lovers have said that the brew has hints of tangerine, orange and vanilla-toffee. Depending on the altitude and area of Naranjo where it’s grown, this beautiful coffee can also have flavor notes of white and cayenne pepper.

To add to the diversity of this winner, there are floral scents, light notes of syrup and pear with a slight lemony finish. This region is known for its fabulous coffee and no matter what part of the area it resides, you will always have a delicious experience.

For the cannabis pairing, it’s only fair to put one major award winner together with another. Super Silver Haze is a fantastic Sativa that has the strong scent of citrus and has a waking effect like no other. The earthy notes in Super Silver Haze balance the diverse flavor profile of Naranjo coffee making for a smooth and delectable pairing. The subtle citrus and fruity flavors in a fresh bowl of Super Silver Haze complement the floral and tangerine notes in a fresh cup of Naranjo to perfection. This variety of Haze is so good that the bud won a streak of Cannabis Cups from 1997-1999.

There you have it, our recommendations for some of the best coffee and marijuana strains around. You don’t need to fly all the way to Costa Rica to get them either, both are abundant and can be found very easily by checking your Weedmaps App. For the other, we suggest your local craft coffee roaster.


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