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Temple Extracts Helped Ring in a Healthier New Year


Already on edge and in Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year festivities with approximately 300,000 of my closest friends, I was recently tasked with putting Temple Extracts through a personal 710 (oil) assessment. Bidding 2016 a fond farewell amidst the blazing lights and pulsating sounds of Sin City, I found myself well supplied with three strains for the evening: Vanilla Kush, Blue Dream, and Cherry Pie. Scrutinized by three different criteria for the review process, as the calendar flipped to the New Year … my 2017 was off to a lofty start.


Historically a big fan of self-medicating with all things ‘concentrates,’ particularly BHO and “Dabbing,” I’ve recently found myself drawn towards a healthier alternative of healing what ails me — vape pens. Aware that not all oil-based pens are created equal, and that I suffer from serious social anxiety issues, this seemed like a fortuitous opportunity to test my own agoraphobic boundaries and give Temple Extracts a quick test drive (read: review). Initially concerned that I might be stuck with some flavorless CO2 oils to ring in 2017, my trepidation of being ill-supplied for this important event was quickly dismissed.


About Temple Extracts

Created from exceptionally pure (100%) high-end cannabis extracts, Temple’s vape pens are both easy-to-use and conceal. Their sustainably sourced product contains absolutely no artificial terpenes or additives of any kind. And, by utilizing their proprietary process of supercritical CO2 extraction, Temple’s pure premium cannabis oil has managed to eliminate one of the bigger issues facing today’s discerning 710 fans: harmful residual chemicals.

With only hours to go before the clock struck midnight, it was time to hunker down and get to work.

Vanilla Kush

temple_extracts_vanilla_kushFlavor – Subtle, soothing and discrete, I started the night by christening my room at the Bellagio Resort. Providing a flavorful sanctuary, Temple’s Vanilla Kush was as tasty as supercritical CO2 extraction gets. With subtle hints of vanilla and lavender on the initial pull from the Vanilla Kush oil cartridge, a trace of citrus could be detected on the exhale.  That said, it doesn’t pack the same strain-specific “terpene-rich-punch-to-the-forehead” as your favorite budders or shatters. And for good reason; unlike many of the products currently found on dispensary shelves, Temple Extracts avoids using any potentially harmful chemicals or any food grade terpenes as a means of enhancing their product’s overall flavor profile.

Potency –   Compelling and impressive, this Indica-dominant strain was first cultivated by the ingenious breeders at Barney’s Farm. Known for its incredibly potent genes, the Vanilla Kush strain initially won second-place at the 2009 HTCC.  Lab tested for its total THC content, Temple Extract Vanilla Kush tipped the tetrahydrocannabinol scale at 55% for total THC; with 30% decarboxylated THC and 25% THCa.  

High –  Creating a sense of tranquil bliss as I sat anticipating my pending New Year’s activities, the Vanilla Kush was a powerful relaxant. An intoxicating 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain-specific oil provided the courage to go downstairs and wade through the sea of inebriates and prostitutes. Providing courage as I performed “hand-to-hand combat” with the casino’s malignant ‘one-armed bandits’ and battled back the cocktail waitress peddling their rotgut booze, it was time to get analytical and “take things up a notch.”

Ready for Blackjack after getting trounced by the slot machines, it was time to switch strains and gears. Now, less concerned with the crowds and more focused on winning back some of my hard-earned cash, it was time to head back up to the room and try the Sativa-dominant cartridge.

Blue Dream

temple_extracts_blue_dream_itemple_extracts_blue_dreamFlavor –  A tasty cross between Blueberry Indica with a Sativa Haze, Temple Extract’s Blue Dream oil is both subtle and exquisite. Accentuated by a slightly Haze-like pine inhale and sandalwood exhale, this oil demonstrates why Blue Dream is one of the most popular flower strains sold today. Typically devoid of the plant’s highly desirable terpenes in most CO2 oils, Temple Extracts’ unique process has managed to maintain the strain’s overall flavor profile. A true joy to hit, I was pleased to have my Blue Dream vape pen cartridge waiting to motivate me for round two on the casino floor.

Potency – Very nice! This sativa-dominant oil balances thought-provoking motivation and clear minded creativity with the will to get things done. Lab tested for its complete THC content, Blue Dream tested at 61% for total THC; with 19% coming back as THCa and a whopping 42% as THC.

High – Great for providing insight and perspective, as well as motivation, Temple’s Blue Dream vape pen got me mentally psyched up and ready to take on the stoned-face blackjack dealers ready to lighten my wallet. Most often attributed with creating a sense of happiness, relaxation, and the feeling of euphoric creativity – I was hopeful It would help me telepathically manipulate the dealer sitting across from me. No such luck!

After 2 hours at the blackjack table and barely breaking even, it was time to cash in my chips and prepare for the evening’s main event – New Year’s Eve and Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie

temple_extracts_cherrie_pieFlavor – A genetic offspring of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, Temple Extracts’ Cherry Pie is a flavorful delicacy. Typically considered an Indica-dominant hybrid, this oil’s flavor profile didn’t fall far from the proverbial cherry tree. Reminiscent of its namesake, my first Cherry Pie vape hit smacked slightly of scorched cherries on the inhale and a woodsy earth-like flavor on the exhale. Perfect for welcoming the New Year in a uniquely American fashion, Temple’s Cherry Pie would’ve made our cannabis loving forefathers proud and chill.

Potency – Just what the doctor ordered, this Indica-dominant oil was also lab tested for its complete THC profile. Hitting a high of 58% in total THC content, Cherry Pie had 20% THCa and an impressive 38% THC.

High –  Providing a head full of motivation and a few moments of clarity, the Cherry Pie high lasted well into the new year. Potent and powerful, the Cherry Pie buzz provided an interesting epiphany while swimming through the mass of humanity on the Las Vegas strip. By this time next year, those predominately drunk New Year’s Eve revelers will legally be allowed to fire up their celebratory blunt at the strike of midnight.


Endlessly beneficial for those suffering from varying degrees of social anxiety, pain, and the occasional case of holiday-induced fatigue, Temple Extracts’ cannabinoid-rich oils will come in handy as we head into 2017.

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  1. I am a sufferer of chronic degenerative disk disease, hypertension, & a flurry of other things. I don’t know how I would get through a day without my vape pen. I would love to try your product. It sounds clean which is what I am looking for in a vape oil. Where can I find it? I live in Lake County?
    I also just had acute apendicitis that burst & they found cancer. I need my vape more than ever. Please give me the closest location. I have a 215 also. I am willing to drive some.

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