Vive La France! Presidential Candidate Calls for Marijuana Legalization


With decidedly better things to spend their limited resources on, France’s socialist candidate Benoît Hamon says he would legalize cannabis if elected.

Hamon appreciates that by legalizing the peaceful cannabis plant, France would ultimately “dry up the underground economy,” while simultaneously reducing violence and generating new jobs and revenue. Cognizant of the positive economic effects reported after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana consumption in 2012, Benoît Hamon Tweeted:

Roughly translated via Twitter and Bing, Benoît Hamon’s argument sounds very familiar:

“The cannabis prohibition is a failure, I will engage its legalization to make the police focus on other priorities.”

Last April’s bill proposing the state-sanctioned sale and use of cannabis stalled in the French parliament over concerns that France’s youth would overindulge if legalized. While France was outed by the World Health Organization in a 2014 survey as having the highest percentage of 15-year-old marijuana consumers, Spain and the Netherlands – both of which allow for marijuana clubs – did substantially better at keeping cannabis out of the hands of their teenage population.

France: percentage of 15-year-olds who used cannabis in last 30 days

France: percentage of 15-year-olds who used cannabis in last 30 days

Still living in the proverbial dark ages, medical marijuana is unfortunately considered a prohibited substance in France. That said, they have begun to recognize the medicinal value of the plant’s many cannabinoids and have recently approved some cannabis-based drugs for treating certain medical conditions.

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