What Were North America’s Most Popular Strains in December?


No surprise to anyone with ties to the retail marijuana market, the classic Sativa Blue Dream held its spot atop the most popular strains for the month of December, 2016. Sifting through data generated by 8 million visits across all Weedmaps menu platforms, we’ve complied a list detailing the most popular strains and provided their average dispensary prices.

top cannabis strains december 2016

Does our list seem on point?

Perhaps it’s highly suspect?

Does it make you want to run to the store to remind yourself why Blue Dream is still so popular?

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  1. I’m not surprised that Blue Dream is still on top. It’s the Papa John’s of weed. Like cheap pizza, there is a lot of crappy Blue Dream out there. Everyone has dollar signs in their eyes when they grow it, focusing on yield and not quality because they know they can sell it. I’ve found some good Blue a couple of times and it’s very nice, but very hard to find quality Blue now.

    Personally I’d put Jack Herer at the top of my list, and it’s not nearly as difficult to find well-grown Jack, at least in WA. A well-grown Tangie does me fine too.

    In general, the mid-list strains are usually the best grown because they don’t sell themselves. Quality is more important to get a good price.

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