10 Dabs You Have to See to Believe


We at Marijuana.com love dabs … I know, it’s surprising, right!? So in honor of the weekend of dabbing ahead, we decided to gather the craziest dabs Instagram has to offer. If you think you’re dabbing on the next level, wait until you see these dabs…


This melting sculptural dab by @haribho710 is truly a work of art. 


I’m not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted by @matthias_710wrx dab through gravy … but hey, everybody does Thanksgiving a little different. 


Two words: nose dabs. Need I say more? @TheRoyalOiler knows how to celebrate 710 on a higher level. 

Happy 7/10 guys! As requested here is a video of a nose dab. I do not recommended taking dabs through your nose often. No it doesn't hurt/burn (as long as the oil is good and the temp is low very similar to the throat…) but I don't think gunking up your passages with oil, or anything for that matter, is very healthy. I originally took my first nose dab when a patient at my clinic was complaining about not being able to smoke due to wisdom teeth extractions. So I tried this out and thought it was a funny parlor trick to add to my bag. But it is certainly not my preferred way to inhale vapors. Clean your nose out after you try it, if you're going to. Otherwise dust and airborne particles will stick to the residual oil in your nose. Hahaha. Happy dabbing today. #jamieburress #nailcrown #dabkings #hightideglass #710 #OMMP #bho #dabs #nosedab #dabvideo #sillystoner #royallyoily #potheadsociety #cannabiscommunity #dabsohard #girlswitherrl #hashoil #nosedabatyourownrisk

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Sing it with me now, “We’re playing dabs..ket…balllll…” Like we needed dabbing to be any more fun. 

Nice slow mo bank shot off the #dabsketball banger by @matthias_710wrx

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@Live_Resin_King takes the word “glob” to the next level with this insanely huge dab.


…When you need a whole team to help you melt this 35 gram dab. Way to go @liveresinnobudder. Shout out to the guy who wiped the dab sweat, that’s a true friend right there. 


Did anybody else lose track of how many dabs @Live_Resin_King just piled on this piece?!


Pizza dab because … pizza. 

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Who doesn’t want a dab delivery while they’re at work?! 


“When creativity fails miserably.” We still give you an A for effort! 


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  1. #10 is priceless! Been there; showing off, and the whole thing turns into a monkey rodeo. Sometimes you eat the bear sometimes the bear eats you. Above all else have fun with it! 🙂

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