Alice in Wonderland Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Like chasing the White Rabbit down its dark and mysterious hole, ripping a sweet bong load of Alice in Wonderland alters our perception of an all too often dull and lackluster world. Entering a domain of the surreal and fanciful, consumers confront their own Hookah-smoking caterpillars and smiling Cheshire cats. Inspiring individual creativity, this purportedly Sativa-dominant offspring of Willy’s Wonder is a relatively new hybrid with an enigmatic gene pool.

The Result: Alice provides inspired creativity that tends to make the world seem “curiouser and curiouser!” A great early morning or late afternoon smoke; Alice in Wonderland arouses untapped inspiration while alleviating tension, melancholy, lethargy, and those annoying daily aches and pains.

The Verdict: Alice in Wonderland alters the fabric of time and broadens our perspective of the known universe! “Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.” Notwithstanding of the philosophical implications of time, Alice in Wonderland arouses the subconscious mind – igniting some rather high-minded inspiration.

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 Alice in Wonderland marijuana test results

SC Labs test results for Alice in Wonderland

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: Alice Wonderland

Genetics: Willy’s (a.k.a. William’s) Wonder x Mysto Sativa

Origin: Lewis Carroll / California

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 17-20%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: “Not yet”

Strain Profile

The Science: By drilling down on the cannabinoid profile for Alice in Wonderland we see a strain that has a total THC content of 22.6% – of which 19.9% is Δ9THC. On the CBD side of the cannabinoid spectrum, there is only a combined total of .06% for both CBD and CBDA. Unfortunately, no terpene test was performed on Alice in Wonderland by the skilled technicians at SC Labs. As such, short of hearing from the specific cultivator who initially created this highflying strain, its true genealogical roots are difficult to determine. Note: By performing a simple terpene analysis of a mysterious strain with unknown origins, consumers can easily gain some much-needed insight on the strain’s potential health benefits.

Appearance: Petite and delicate, the flower from Alice in Wonderland is diminutive in size yet dense in nature. When fully mature, Alice’s blondish and translucent trichomes become cloudy and opaque.

Consistency: Depending on how the individual batch of Alice in Wonderland was dried and cured, she should be sticky but not moist. As is true with most of today’s modern strains, a grinder is the preferred tool for shredding this lady in preparation for your trip down the rabbit hole.

Scent: Aromatic and captivating, the sweet and flowery earthlike fragrance emitted by Alice encourages the daily Mad Tea Party to be held at 4:20 p.m., rather than always at 6 o’clock as insisted by The Mad Hatter.

Taste: A swirling flavonoid profile of mossy earth and sweet citrus creates a dizzying first impression. Sure to please even the pickiest of Hookah-smoking Caterpillars in the extended smoke circle, this strain tastes as good as it looks.

Effect: Purely inspirational, Alice in Wonderland quiets the blind fury that rages unchecked within patriarchs and matriarchs alike. No longer compelled to scream “Off with their heads!” your Queen of the castle will appreciate this stoney little flower.

Strain Background: Created by crossing an Indica-dominant Afghani, Willy’s Wonder, with a yet-to-be-identified Sativa, Alice’s specific genetics are still cloaked in mystery.

Medical Uses: Though her gene pool is still considered relatively questionable, her medicinal effects are not. Anecdotally speaking, Alice in Wonderland is attributed with reducing worry, melancholy, exhaustion, discomfort and stress-related headaches.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: In the hopes of providing only the most accurate and useful information for the end-user, we have reached out the original cultivator of Alice in Wonderland. Once is in receipt of their response we’ll be updating this review with all relevant ‘Growth and Seed Info.’

In the below YouTube video patients and recreational smokers alike are encouraged to educate themselves on the standardized tests executed by SC Labs.

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