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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Rising out of the Bay Area, home of the most exotic new strains in the last decade, Alien OG is an otherworldly combination of piney Tahoe OG and spicy Alien Kush. The perfect balance of physical sedation and mental imagination, this galactic smoke is an Indica-dominant hybrid that provides the best of both worlds. Alien OG puts a new twist on the classic OG flavor and effect, with a smoking experience that is sure to abduct you into a realm of serenity.

The Result: The complex terpene profile of this strain is sure to impress even the most selective OG-critics in the smoke circle, and after only a couple of hits your body is beamed up, up, and away from stress, depression, and pain.

The Verdict: Alien OG is an easy-to-grow, high-yielding, and in-demand strain which makes it a no-brainer for cultivators to add on their roster. This strain takes OG Kush to another dimension, providing an enjoyable experience for both the cultivator and consumer. The earthy, spicy notes are paired perfectly with a blast of lemon citrus that is seriously drool-worthy. The flowers produced by this strain are so beautiful that you’d almost rather keep them in a vase than pack them in your bowl!

Alien OG Cannabinoid Test Results Courtesy of SC Labs.

Alien OG Cannabinoid Test Results Courtesy of SC Labs.

Strain Characteristics

083016f_44653_aliengrenade-1Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Also Known As: Alien, OG Alien

Genetics: Tahoe OG x Alien Kush

Origin: Bay Area, California

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 20%-28%

Average Price Per ⅛: $50

Strain Profile

The Science: Alien OG is yet another mystical creation that seems to have appeared out of thin air in the mecca of exquisite American cannabis: the Bay Area. With a celestial combination of psychedelic Alien Kush and pungent, earthy Tahoe OG, this sedative strain knocks out pain and stress with one potent hit.

Appearance: Alien OG can range from a bright lime to a pastel green and is completely caked with crystals. The structure of this bud is identifiable from across the room, with hints of traditional OG shape and bulbous towers cascading down the buds silhouette. The standard small and dense OG tendencies shine through in regards to bud size, but the kush genetics bring a unique oomph to its presence.

Consistency: She produces small dense nuggets covered in pure space dust, one touch of a bud will leave your fingers covered in sparkling residue. The texture is slightly reminiscent of styrofoam, so the buds aren’t so dense that you can’t break them up by hand, but a professional tool (grinder) is recommended to preserve those precious cannabinoids.

Scent: This strain has that classic OG aroma with a sophisticated twist. The fragrance wafting off this otherworldly flower is a strong Lemon Pledge scent mixed with Nag Champa incense smokiness and finished off with a hint of hairspray. In other words, it has that comforting scent of your average head shop 😉

Taste:  This OG’s flavor is out of this world, leaving your taste buds in a flavor-blasting orbit! Reminiscent of fresh-squeezed lemonade enjoyed in a fragrant forest of pine, this palate-enhancing strain is sure to satisfy any connoisseur. The earthy terpenes of Alien OG are balanced by its mouth-watering citrus notes, providing a balanced flavor profile. The exhale covers your tastebuds in potent pine essence that is subtly spicy and makes for a refreshing finisher.

Effect: There’s no question that Alien OG lifts you to another world. After one or two freakishly delicious tokes, your body will be floating weightlessly in a peaceful abyss. All your stress, pain, and depression will be left on planet Earth as your body and mind go on an interdimensional adventure. The perfect balance of physical sedation and mental imagination, this galactic smoke is an Indica-dominant hybrid that provides the best of both worlds.

Strain Background: Originating as a clone-only strain throughout dispensaries in Northern and Southern California, it wasn’t long before Cali Connection seed company began producing seeds of their own. Alien OG can still be found in its rare clone-only form through various nurseries such as Dark Heart Nursery in Northern California

Medical Uses: A perfect strain for melting away stress and tension, the relaxation it provides is unparalleled. Although it is a more sedating strain, it also helps lift up spirits and wash away any bouts of depression. Alien OG is a great strain for those being treated with chemotherapy because it is relaxing, pain-relieving, enlivening, and appetite-stimulating.

Growth and Seed Info

Pros:  High demand, High yielder

Cons: N/A

Original Breeder: Unknown

Current Breeder: Seeds available through Cali Connection

Known Phenotypes: Indica

Flowering Time: 60 to 65 days

Flowering Type: SCROG

Growth Height: 4 to 5 ft

Expected Yield: Heavy, 1.75 – 2 lbs per 1000W HPS

Garden Skill Level: Novice to Intermediate

Family: OGs, Kush

Related Strains: Alien Dawg, Alien Bubba, Stratosphere, Above & Beyond, ET OG, Alien Grenade


Photos courtesy of Allie Beckett.

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