Danny Brown Talks Cartoons and Edibles While Eating Hot Wings


Making it all the way to the end of First We Feast’s spicy interview show “Hot Ones” is a considerable feat in and of itself, as Action Bronson demonstrated previously. But completing the chicken wing challenge with a jacked up grill like Danny Brown’s while getting peppered with ridiculous questions is a whole different ballgame.

The Detroit rapper sat with host Sean Evans to discuss a range of topics, eat increasingly scorching wings, and — if he completed the challenge — plug his latest album and a slew of Summer festival dates.


Courtesy of Danny Brown

If you’re not familiar with Danny Brown, he’s a known weirdo with an extensive resume of wild behavior. However, when he’s not hooking up with a fan on stage without missing “one bar,” he’s sort of a homebody. Danny has simple tastes, preferring to chill at home with a nice blunt, some cartoons, and his feline friends, Siren and Chie. When Evans characterizes Danny’s perfect day as “playing video games, smoking blunts, watching cartoons, ordering a pizza, and going to bed,” Brown affirms the notion with a simple, “mhmm.”

When the topic of cartoons is explored further, Brown professes his love for all things Adult Swim — even breaking into an impromptu rendition of the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” theme song and claiming he feels like the characters from “Regular Show” are his real-life friends. We don’t have a prestigious award at Marijuana.com that aims to certify only the most elite stoners, but if or when we ever do, rest assured Danny Brown will be nominated. Late night Indica blunts on the couch, chilling with your pets instead of humans on purpose, and bonding with cartoon characters on an existential degree are all hall of fame smoker-level activities. Take notes, young grasshoppers. It’s not all about going “out” with your “friends” anymore.

As the wings get hotter and the inquiries get more personal, Evans dives deep into Danny’s Instagram feed to confront the eccentric lyricist about some unusual culinary posts. The 35-year-old emcee’s food entries are the stuff of stoner fantasy. Right off the bat, the host shows Brown a photo of some medicated vanilla macaroons, to which Danny excitedly replied:

Oh yeah, those are my macaroons! I love those, shout out to the homie at Utopia Farms. Send me some macaroons. Put that on camera. Send me the macaroooons. You know, sometimes you eat a brownie or something, and it tastes like ass! It tastes like ass and weed. But these really taste good. This is a good macaroon — I didn’t start eating macaroons until I had some with weed in them, though.

After the inaugural Danny Brown Macaroon Fest, Evans pulled up a picture of a hot dog covered with what appears to be grilled onions, bacon, and an egg (over easy, with pepper). Oh, and Froot Loops. As I previously stated for the record, elite-level marijuana moves with bong-fu grip.

Courtesy of Danny Brown

Courtesy of Danny Brown

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the incredible episode for you, but wait until you see how it ends. Instead, here’s some bonus, exclusive Danny Brown. A couple of months ago, Danny rolled through our local venue, the Observatory in Santa Ana, and thankfully graced us with a photo pass. I brought PhotoGoods, a talented photographer from New England who was coincidentally out west that night. We haven’t covered Danny on the site since we featured his classic album XXX on highTunes in May, so this seems like a killer time to release Goody’s photos from the show into the wild. Enjoy the exclusive shots (pro tip: open in a new tab if you want to see any of the photos in greater detail), and if you’re checking out Danny’s latest album Atrocity Exhibition, try pairing it with some Alice in Wonderland and staying in for a trippy night at home.

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