Get Educated: Ohio’s Canna-business Seminar Is Here


Ohio has officially become the 25th state in the Union to adopt a medical marijuana law, this marks the dawning of a new industry. If you are curious about entering the industry as a marijuana business owner, the Ohio Canna-business Seminar presents a wonderful opportunity. Join hundreds of like-minded individuals eager to become a part of Ohio’s emerging medical cannabis program in Columbus. This event, brought to you by Marijuana Policy Project, features key industry players, policy experts and regulators from Ohio’s regulatory agencies. The seminar will include a thorough discussion on topics like regulations, lessons from other states, and business fundamentals ranging from accounting and tax liability to best practices.

Connect with experienced advocates who have contributed to the passing of the new law and attorneys and accountants directly involved with cannabis law. Also, agency personnel active in the program will be present to provide additional guidance. You do not want to miss this event!


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Bobby Kovey, managing partner, The Credo Company
  • Chris Lindsey, senior legislative counsel, MPP
  • Professor Douglas A. Berman, Ohio State University
  • Kevin Schmidt, vice president of government relations, Strategic Public Partners
  • Rob Kampia, executive director, MPP


Just like all new forms of commerce, the medical marijuana industry is tricky to navigate. The Ohio Canna-business Seminar is your chance to learn specific do’s and don’ts from proven industry experts who want you to be in the know. Don’t miss this excellent primer for prospective business owners looking to be successful in Ohio’s medical marijuana industry. Seating is limited, so make sure you get your ticket today!

 For general inquiries and additional information on the seminar, please contact Drew Matthews at or (202) 905-0739.

For sponsorship information, please contact Lindsay Robinson at

Ticket Pricing Information:

Single ticket   =    $600

2 tickets          =    $1,000

3 tickets          =    $1,300


Please note that ticket purchases DO NOT include a plus-one. Due to limited availability of tickets, all guests are required to purchase their own ticket to the seminar.

Please note: Donations to MPP will be used to support MPP’s efforts nationwide and will be dispensed at MPP’s sole discretion. Because proceeds from tickets purchased for this event go to MPP, the 501(c)(4) branch of the organization, your gift is not tax-deductible.


Sheraton Columbus Hotel

75 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215

February 25 @ 10:00am – 5:30pm

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  1. Kenneth wiczynski on

    The backward state of Ohio’s medical marijuana law is a complete farce. Cost will be sky high, it will be out of reach for most in need of medical marijuana. Unless authorized patients can grow their own medicine again it will be out of reach for most authorized patients. In the Toledo blade published within last couple of days “article, end to free testing of pot start questions” A police chief in North west Ohio, chief Bingham stated, I don’t think anyone is looking at the big picture, You are 50 times more likely to progress to heroin or cocaine if you start marijuana. How backward thinking is that?

  2. Are physicians going to be able to prescribe cannabis now in Ohio? If so, when is this taking place? Will insurance companies cover?

    My primary care doc said that he would prescribe for me as soon as it is legally for him to do so. I have an incurable neurological condition and use various forms of cannabis with beneficial results. The only downside is the cost. Buying illegally is very expensive.

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