How to Make Potent Weed Tea From Your Leftover Stems


Now you may be thinking — tea from my leftover stems? Am I back in high school? 

But recycling your weed stems into a potent and medicinal tea is an incredibly efficient way to use a ‘byproduct’ of our favorite sticky herb.

Weed tea is used all over the world to treat a variety of ailments including asthma, nausea and chronic pain. Drinking your medicine in tea form delivers relief dramatically faster than smoking which is what makes it so effective at treating auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.  Cannabis tea also releases mood enhancers that boost overall positivity and reduce anxiety.


Tea is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t enjoy smoking but still wants to soak up all the amazing benefits of cannabis. It is easy to dose yourself with tea, unlike other edibles that can make you feel out of control quite quickly.

Tea is an all around gentler and healthier high if made on the lighter side. Teas made with stems have a far milder effect and taste than teas made with pure bud. I have definitely been knocked out by weed tea, and have had some friends that say infused tea is the highest they’ve ever been — so don’t say the experts didn’t warn you 😉



¼ – ½ cup of marijuana stems (from organic cannabis preferably)

additional shake and/or weed are optional to increase potency

3 cups of water

Additional bag of tea to add flavor

Coffee Filter 

Binding Agent:

2-3 Tablespoons of Alcohol of Your Choice


1/2 cup of Whole Milk, Coconut Milk, or Half-and-Half


½ tbsp of Butter/Coconut Oil

Step One

To grind or not to grind?

Some recipes recommend grinding your stems before steeping. Grinding creates more surface area which could theoretically increase the potency, however, experience tells me that the difference is negligible. Also, I find that grinding the stems makes the whole process messier; so if you want a quick and easy tea, feel free to skip the grinding step. An easy compromise is to break up the stems with your hands.weed-stem-tea-15

Step Two

Depending on what you have handy in your kitchen, you can either grab a teapot or a regular saucepan. Fill up the pot with 3 cups of water. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can add 1/2 cup of milk / half-and-half, or a ½ tbsp of butter / coconut oil, at this time. I find alcohol to be the best binding agent to enhance the potency of weed tea. If you choose to use alcohol, add it after the boiling process (so it won’t evaporate while boiling). Bring the concoction in your pot to a boil.

Step Three

Once it has reached the boiling point, add the stems and let boil for 7 to 10 minutes, stirring frequently. If you have a reusable tea bag large enough for your stems, put it to use for an easier straining process. If you’re looking for an exceptionally potent tea, add some additional trim, shake, or ground nugs during this step.


Step Four

Once the tea is thoroughly infused, remove it from the heat. If you chose to use alcohol, now is the time to add a couple tablespoons of the alcohol of your choice (rum is a nice and sweet-tasting addition).

Step Five

If you used a tea bag, just remove the bag and your tea is ready! Without a teabag, the next step is straining the tea. Grab that coffee filter and let’s separate that yummy tea from the used stems. If you used a teapot, it’s easy to secure the coffee filter around the spout with a rubber band, or place the filter inside the teapot. If you used a saucepan, you can secure the coffee filter around a mug to strain your tea.  weed-stem-tea-20

Step Six

Once your tea is strained, you can add a variety of extra goodies to enhance the flavor. Our girl Mary always said, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down — honey and/or raw sugar will make your medicinal tea taste amazing. If milk or half-and-half were used, adding a bag of organic chai tea or turmeric tea will bring your brew to another level. If alcohol was used, I recommend adding a strong bag of fruity or floral tea like passionfruit.


I view this tea as a daily vitamin and love making a big batch to sip on throughout the week. Whatever your needs, this tea is very customizable in potency and flavor profiles.With this recipe in your back pocket, you have a quick and easy way to get high twice by recycling your stems into a potent tonic.

I’d love to hear your favorite recipes in the comments section!

Photos courtesy of Allie Beckett.

About Author

Allie is a NW-based content curator for and an organic farmer at TKO Reserve. She has been a professional in the marijuana industry since she was 18 years old, spending the first five years of her career working for Dope Magazine as lead photographer. Allie has worked on mainstream projects such as Idiot's Guide: Growing Marijuana, Branding Bud: The Consumerization of Cannabis and her own self-published book, As The Grass Grows.


  1. Susan Schlesinger on

    OMG.. that´s the original recipe I posted in the original

    Probably before you were even in High School!

    Nice to see it show up again in this incarnation…

    …and have a cookie 😉

    The Original … MamaBudz

  2. Is this using stems from flowering plants? Lots of pistils now but another 4 – 6 weeks for my kind bud. But when I snap off the fans and lollypop the branches my stems are dripping. Smells like straight THC. And should I rinse them first? All indoor in pots and NO poisons on my plants.

  3. Thank You…
    When Florida DOH gets their hand out of BIG pharma
    Has anyone read what they are doing to use in Florida…
    So sad…
    I am a US Veteran in a ton of pain
    I do not want to die in Vain.
    Sad to say I do not have the money to move.
    We voted YES on 2 and WON by over 71$
    The DOH is not doing what we voted on and won…
    I hate pills and pain…. 🙁

  4. Does this tea heat up well in the microwave? If u wanted a hot cup? I actually just yhrew an extraa tea bag in and made iced tea with it

  5. I notice you stated using alcohol as the binding agent but you never mentioned whether I can substitute an extract like vanilla or another non imitation extract since they are high in alcohol content at around 26% for some if not all extracts. I just want to know if buying a bottle of spirits is something I can avoid since I don’t buy whisky or vodkas, etc. I also think adding an extract as a binding agent might flavor up the tea rather nicely, don’t you think?

  6. May I make a suggestion… instead of a coffee filter, use cheesecloth instead! You will be there for a LONG time waiting for the brew to drain through the coffee filter and it’s really flimsy while the cheesecloth is very easy to hold and the brew drains very quickly and easily through it!
    Just my suggestion from personal experience 🙂

  7. When making weed edibles don’t you need to cook the weed in the oven first to initiate decarboxylation?

    • kinda, I just tried this but it leaves an obviousl smell, but it doesn’t quite smell like weed or anything, it kinda smells muggy, other than that I don’t know how to explain it.

  8. I’m going to try making this for the 1st time, so need lots of info. How small should the stems be? I was hoping to make a big batch and keep in fridge??? Thanks for any info

  9. I tried this recipe yesterday. For a little background info, I smoke everyday and wanted to try this so I started collecting my stems and I had 2.8 grams of stems in all sizes when I made the tea.
    I put 4 cups of water and a full cup of whole milk in a pot and heated till it boiled. Then I added 3 teabags, 2.8 grams of stems (no grinding needed) and 3 small pinches of kief (just in case). Then I stirred the mixture for 8 minutes around boiling temperature but a couple degrees less than that. after that I had about 4 cups of tea but I spilled some in the process so I think there was enough tea for 5 cups. I and a friend of mine each had 2 cups. After the first hour of drinking this I had lost all hope but then it hit me and trust me its strong. I would definitely recommend this recipe. The tea tasted like regular milk tea with a subtle aftertaste of weed.

  10. I made some kick ass tea tonight. I drank half the mug and it put me deep into the sofa.

    1 gram whole stems
    1 teaspoon fresh ginger
    1 teaspoon fresh dried mint
    Half squeezed lemon juice
    Honey to taste

    1. Decarb stems in oven at 180 C (roughly 350 F) for 25 minutes
    2. Add all ingredients to 2 cups of boiling water
    3. Steep for 10 minutes
    4. Strain and enjoy

  11. Donna MacIntire on

    Just made this with Honey Bourbon. Amazing taste. Very easy. I just strained it through a coffee filter attached to the top of my thermos.

  12. Hi guys. I just wanted to ask if any of you tried using medical marijuana for anxieties? I’ve been suffering severe anxiety for almost a year now and been given a prescription for Benzodiazepines for my medication. But i heard alot of people telling me that marijuana helps relieve anxiety but im not im not sure if its true so i came up to search something about this idea and came across this marijuana strain from it says that i can discard all forms of stress and its euphoric buzz it delivers often is useful in combating anxiety and depression. I wanted to hear your thoughts about this guys and if you can give me any tips that can help me with my anxieties. Thank you!

  13. How long should it take before it hits, you reckon? Just tried doing this, following instructions as if author was a drill sergeant and just finished a cup! I used Jim Beam, a bag of tea (forestberries), 1 tablespoon of sugar and some milk, tastes fucking great!

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