Indiana CBD Legislation Clears State Senate


Indiana’s CBD hemp oil legislation, Senate Bill 15, targeting Hoosiers that suffer from “intractable epilepsy,” passed the state Senate on Tuesday by a vote of 38 to 12.

Indiana is one of the few remaining states to embrace the medical efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD).

Indiana CBD oil vote

Indiana: Senate Bill 15 Vote Tally

Senate Bill 15 defines rigorous guidelines for physicians hoping to utilize a hemp-based CBD oil for the treatment of nonresponsive epilepsy, and establishes “a cannabidiol registry for certain physicians, nurses, individuals, and caregivers for the use of cannabidiol in the treatment of a person with intractable epilepsy.”

A pilot program, SB15 would create an educational registry for doctors who seek to study the use of cannabidiol in the treatment of intractable epilepsy.

If passed, the legislation would require Indiana’s department of health to develop and maintain the registries, and would provide civil, criminal, and administrative exemption from criminal penalties for those doctors and nurses who utilize CBD oil in the treatment of nonresponsive epilepsy for their patients, provided all requirements are met.

Authored by (R) Sen. James Tomes, (R) Sen. Michael Young, (R) Sen. Blake Doriot, SB 15 would also allow pharmacies to dispense CBD oil “subject to specific requirements.”

Most importantly, provided Senate Bill 15 becomes law, it would encourage state educational institutions to research the use of CBD in the treatment of other ailments that have proven to be nonresponsive to Western medicine.

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  1. Elaine Williams on

    It is very unclear whether this bill is referring to the CBD from the Industrial Hemp Plant, or CBD from marijuana. CBD from Industrial hemp is already totally legal, and if this is the case the senate just did nothing.

    • the senate really didn’t do much he basically tried to make everyone happy by making it legal for epilepsy but doesn’t explain to the people that it is the smallest dosage you can receive of CBD on top of the fact that CBD’S helps with way more then just epilepsy patients. . the senate finally gave us a foot in the door now it is up to the people to push for what is right . . .CBD’S helps with almost everything the government knows this , this is why they made it illegal and put a patent on it . . read up on the cannabis history it is pretty extraordinary. .the only reason why is so they could have complete control . . .why would they want us to know its the answer for mostly everything that is wrong with the people in the world today . . .it could take out big pharmaceutical business and so much more. . .STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT

  2. your child deserves full medical attention just like any other child in the “fully legal states”. . . .keep pushing for what is right

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