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Rep. Blumenauer on Trump Administration’s ‘Alternative Facts’


Congressman Earl Blumenauer addressed Sean Spicer’s assertion that the Trump administration may cultivate “greater enforcement” of adult-use of marijuana.

After White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer finished pandering to the willfully ignorant during yesterday’s press conference, and creating more “alternative facts” about the relationship between adult use marijuana and opioid abuse, Congressman Earl Blumenauer of the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus cultivated the following statement in response:

“I am deeply disappointed by Sean Spicer’s statement that he expects states to see ‘greater enforcement’ and crackdown on adult use of marijuana. The national prohibition of cannabis has been a failure, and millions of voters across the country have demanded a more sensible approach. I’m looking forward to working with the leadership of our newly formed cannabis caucus to ensure that Oregonian’s wishes are protected and that we end the failed prohibition on marijuana.”

Undeterred by fact-based evidence, Trump’s press secretary appeared to link the national surge in opioid addiction with the one substance that has been shown to reduce opioid abuse – marijuana. Drawing gasps of disapproval from around the country, Spicer’s ill-conceived comments also drew condemnation from The National Cannabis Industry Association.

“It would be a mistake for the Department of Justice to overthrow the will of the voters and state governments who have created carefully regulated adult-use marijuana programs. It would represent a rejection of the values of economic growth, limited government, and respect for federalism that Republicans claim to embrace.”

Not alone in their disdain for yesterday’s announcement by press secretary Spicer, the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus also released the following statement via email.

“Today’s statement by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer regarding marijuana policy reaffirms the need for the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Last November, eight more states passed measures to increase access to state-legal cannabis, and today more than 300 million Americans live in states with access to adult-use marijuana or some form medical cannabis.  Among them are four additional states that have fully legalized the adult-use of marijuana. We hope today’s comments do not reflect the views of the President and his administration.  As co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, we stand ready to educate this administration on the need for more sensible marijuana policies and share the many experiences states have had with the legalization of cannabis. Together, we will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to reform our failed marijuana policies and provide a voice for Americans who have overwhelmingly voted for a more sensible drug policy.”

Despite Sean Spicer erroneously associating adult-use marijuana states with increased opioid abuse (read: fake news), a 2015 study published by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) noted a dramatic decline in opioid-related deaths for those states that have embraced medical marijuana.

Though medical and recreational states differ greatly on who can access the beneficial herb, few would dispute that a few puffs a day keeps the addictive pills away.

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  1. I am sick of the terror being spewed from the white house. Sphincter is a liar and is not believable. The fake president is nauseating to see and hear. The basket of deplorables in the cabinet are an abomination. This worm has just declared war on america, again. this orange faced looser beter shut up or resign before we come and throw all of your administration in jail for treason!

    • A few months ago I would have disagreed with you… Now I stand behind you. I’m glad I didn’t vote… Bunch of idiots these guys are. Liars and thieves.

    • Be careful what you say, because just knowing how unhappy the Progressive Left is every single day makes the Right over-joyed with happiness…every single day. 🙂

      • I voted. Trump won. Quit bitching. We have to fight to keep pot. But I like his other policies. 8 years . Later, ladies.

  2. I think it’s normal to see the Cannabis Industry in its various forms trying its best to legalize it all over the country…the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). But like all issues, this one has another side too, the side that sees the reality that having a society that’s potentially perpetually high on drugs is probably not so good for that society in general.

    After all, there is a vast difference between legalizing Cannabis for medical use as opposed to recreational use. I believe the Trump Administration is just being smart in not caving to the pressure of those with clear financial interests, and I believe Trump is more interested in research having to do with the effects of recreational Cannabis on communities and economies where it’s currently legal. Caution is simply wise in this important matter.

    • You would say that Jane. Caution isn’t necessary here. You are surrounded by people that are high all the time. Bet you haven’t even noticed them. Recreational use of marijuana doesn’t make you a bad person. You are either a bad person or you are not. Consuming marijuana doesn’t automatically place you in this category.

      Matthew 15:11 – Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
      There’s a Bible verse for you.

      • Yes, I do believe that greed is the motive for these Cannabis organizations that work so hard to legalize it. Just like Pharma greed. And…I never said that recreational use of Cannabis makes people ‘bad’. You said that, not me.

        • The motivation for the cannibis industry is they know marijuana is not an issue and feel that it shouldn’t be prohibited. It certainly doesn’t hurt that there is money to be made from the market, but that is not the number one reason they do what they do in favor of it. It has been lied about for decades and should be an individual’s choice. And no shit you didn’t say it. I didn’t say that you did. I was referring to the fact that all the people who still harbor fear of marijuana THINK we are bad people because we want the choice to be our own on whether would do or don’t. And you are a liar if you say that you don’t believe casual smokers are bad people. It was you who has the diabetic child, correct? If you are not then I apologize (although I am sure you are). You said I wouldnt care if your child died as long as marijuana was legal recreationally? That means you think I’m a bad person. I would never be OK with any child losing their life no matter what the cause. Shame on you for saying what you said that long ago day in those comments. What it really was, was the fact that people were ganging up on you and you were getting angry. And you don’t believe that greed is the number one motivation for the White House in every decision they make? I hope you are not that daft. But the way you cheerlead for them, maybe you are…Idk.

    • Jane,

      Would the federal agents, attorneys, prison employees, counselors profiting from mandatory court ordered rehab, ect… All apply to your “money is root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10) ? If your going to apply the bible to this topic, do you think locking people up for using a seed bearing plant, a plant that God made, would not only be against dozens of things in the bible, but also exactly what is described in your passage? Ever read the Old Testament? 14 times it references cannabis. “Kanah Blosm” is Hebrew for cannabis. Remember the part of Moses? Where he sees the burning bush, right before God speaks to him? God made this plant for humans, God did not make this plant to give your government the power to lock you up for what you consume!

  3. Casey Terwilliger on

    I use as a medical person… have my card so I oppose recreational no… yet we don’t slander alcoholics that die yearly from to much or driving drunk. Those who oppose obviously never smoked. Yet I have my card I’m not protected. Tired of the lies and ignorance of marijuana. When I did smoke nightly pain free with NO opioids. Since I quit I hurt so bad from nerve pain… yet my card is invalid from saving me my job, never used on job nor would I. Did I mention, I work as a nurse… work in my setting the opioid abuse is absolutely absurd….

    • Casey, slander means telling lies in order to hurt someone. Telling the truth about how alcohol hurts alcoholics isn’t slander, it’s the truth. I’m glad cannabis helps your nerve pain. It’s great for pain relief.

  4. I can appreciate that Monterey. And btw I love all of your articles. I have read them all. I follow every post on

    Ok, I’m done “fan girling”. Have a wonderful day Mr. Bud!! I’m sure you have better things to do.

  5. You need to read Daniel 9:26 more closely….the anti-Christ will be a Roman. Not Donald Trump LOL. And…we must be careful to not incite assassination of the President on this site….

    • Jane you seem to take things differently than they were meant. He wasn’t trying to incite the president’s assassination. No one does. He was just saying that it’s a possibility. Especially with how many people hate him. It just takes one super crazy person with access to a weapon and know-how. Don’t do that, Jane. He even said in a later comment that he wishes no harm on man or beast. And anyway, do you know all of Donald Trump’s ancestry? I think it would be weird if you did, but I’m not judging if you do.

      • We can only hope, but mentioning “one angry sharpshooter” in the context of the President does make one wonder. As for Trump’s ancestry, I think it’s German, but I’m pretty sure he’s not a Roman.

  6. I think it’s Trump’s moral bearings that’s scaring the Progressive Leftists to death. All I know is it’s fun to watch on a daily basis and it sure feels good waking up happy every day for the first time in 8 years. 🙂

  7. Are u crazy . It will only help people in the long run . And it will also help get money for area in that need it , it could do more for use now . And help people who are sick . Please pass the law .

    • John… Trump’s supporters/voters are Republicans and Democrats alike. If you’re suggesting that there are enough Cannabis lovers to hurt Trump’s chances for re-election, I really don’t think there are, and he’s so beloved by his voters for so many other more important issues, I don’t think a weak stand on Cannabis would ever be enough for them to exchange their Trump vote for a Leftist one.

      • @jane, you really think that’s true about marijuana supporters not having voted for Trump? Take Alaska for example, while trump won Alaska, he barely acquired a majority at 51%, as Gary Johnson took a lot of votes from both Trump and Clinton. Do you know that final tally for legal marijuana in Alaska was 57%?

        Jane, I have a question for you… Do you need the government to decide what you consume for yourself, do you need government to make choices for you? See this is the problem I have with drug prohibition, welfare, social security, government required health care, anything else that is to “save us from ourselves.” Why do you need to pay taxes, to have government run your life choices for you?

        I’m honestly baffled why the far right and far left feel they need to decide these things for us. True conservativism should be about fiscal conservative choices and preserving personal rights to decide matters that deal with ones self choices. Legalization to me is about having the right to choose to or choose not to use. I personally have never used marijuana, even living in a State that has legalized it. If you don’t choose to use, how will giving others the right to choose directly effect you?

        • “….you really think that’s true about marijuana supporters not having voted for Trump?” Can you tell me where I said that? No……

          I find it interesting that you’re so passionate to have Cannabis legalized but say you don’t even use it. Why such passion? Just grave concern for others? HA And by telling us you don’t use Cannabis, is that supposed to be a Kudos for you? Hummm…..

          You can believe that using drugs is a “personal matter” if you want, but many people would disagree with you. All citizens should have a voice and a vote in this debate, and they do. And you may think we don’t deserve our Social Security checks, but I think we do, since it’s our money that we put away for our own financial security in our old age. But you have every right to believe that my money should be given to strangers instead of to me…typical Leftist Progressive ‘thinking’….

        • Well said John! And I do say kudos to you. Don’t even try with Jane. She has been a lost cause since she started commenting on any post on this site.

      • Jane your delusions are going to be the end of you. There is a majority of the population did not vote for the orange one. He has no mandate. most sane people know Trump is a liar and a thief, who is in the pocket of russian oligarchs. He has taken money from a man trying to prevent his ex-wife from collecting the 4 billion dollar settlement that was awarded her. The really interesting thing is that worthy introduced Trump to the bank of Cyprus where the oligarchs launder their money. The next part should make your had spin the president of the bank that launders the russians money is now the secretary of commerce of the united states. You think that is a good thing?

  8. Jane, why do you think you should have a say over the non- violent, peaceful activities of others? Then you have the nerve to call other people leftist progressives? You realize you’re the pot calling the kettle black here, right? You’re just as much a progressive leftist as those you accuse, you just prefer big government of YOUR choice to intrude against others.

    I don’t use cannabis either, but I’m passionately against the drug war because a) it’s blatantly unconstitutional, b) I believe in individual liberty, and c) I hate the cognitive dissonance which fills to the brim this nation’s drug policies and drug conversations.

    You clearly do not support limited government, individual liberty, and a Constitutional basis for our laws, so what side does that leave you on? The side of tyranny.

      • I’m not pretending to speak for you, Jane, you speak for yourself.

        But, when you speak like a statist don’t be surprised when people call you out on it.

        Anyone who acts disdainful towards liberalism/ progressivism/ leftist politics while simultaneously advocating for a very big, very intrusive, very hostile federal government on the topic of cannabis (or medicine or drugs generally) has abandoned any principled stance on government and its role in the lives of citizens. Cognitive dissonance destroys the foundations of reason and principle, and your statements evidence some serious cognitive dissonance.

        That’s not a personal attack, it’s an observation. I know and love people who have the same double- think and double standards that you do. I’m sure your a nice person. Have a great day.

      • Jane, he got it exactly right from what I’ve seen. Your for big government, control over others, and are demanding thru authoritarian methods, others to be like you. You hypocritically use religion when it suits you, ignore it when it’s against you. Jane, you really need to take a close look at yourself in the mirror, because what you think is conservativsm, is nothing more than leftist progressive oppression. You really should put your nose back in your bible, because literally, just on this page, you’ve broken commandments, gone against many passages of the bible. You think you are doing gods work, but it’s the Devils work your doing. One day all your hate is going to bring you to hell.

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