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Sean Spicer: Expect Greater Enforcement on Recreational Marijuana


Roby Brock from Talk Business & Politics questioned Press Secretary Sean Spicer about the enforcement of federal marijuana laws:

Spicer denoted a “big difference” between the Department of Justice’s ability to enforce federal marijuana laws as they apply to medical or recreational use. Spicer then cited the current opioid epidemic as a reason the government may want to enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have approved recreational marijuana.

Spicer’s comments are sending shockwaves through the marijuana industry this afternoon. The current administration has been tight-lipped about their intention to interfere with states’ rights by funding the Department of Justice in their crusade against marijuana in the United States. President Trump has provided mixed signals on how he may approach marijuana prohibition for the next four years.

During his election campaign in October 2015, Trump told the Washington Post that “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.” By June of 2015, Trump switched his stance on the topic when questioned about Colorado’s recreational cannabis, stating that “I think it’s bad, and I feel strongly about it.” In the past, Trump has also called for the legalization of all drugs as the way to win the war on drugs and take money out of the hands of cartels.

President Trump’s fluid opinion on the subject of recreational marijuana is less than relevant. What is important is his instruction to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the rest of the Department of Justice. During today’s press conference, Sean Spicer noted that the decision to enforce federal laws over state laws would likely be left to the Department of Justice.

Spicer believes that the DOJ will be looking into the issue further.

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  1. So recently a senator makes a rediculous claim that marijuana trafficking will lead to a nuke being trafficked by terrorists across the border. Now these idiots are making the claim that legal recreational marijuana leads to opiate use? Are you kidding me? That’s two extremely irrational stupid arguments. Are our elected officials this stupid? Do they honestly believe the crap that’s coming out of their pie holes? If you want to stop illegal contraban from coming across the border, then take the profit away from the cartel, i.e. If it’s legal to grow in the US why on earth would someone risk transporting it illegally… Studies have prooven that, where marijuana is legal, opiate overdoses decrease. They decrease with medical, they decrease significantly where recreational is legal. Studies are even showing that marijuana is an effective treatment for opiate addiction.

    Either they are ignoring the science, totally drunk on 1930’s reefer madness, in the pocket of the prison industry, in the pocket if big pharm, or actually want the drug war to continue as a federal jobs program. There is no logical reason to keep marijuana illegal, none, nada, zip…

    • Hopefully, this is the usual Trump Administration not knowing what the hell it’s doing. Maybe they’ll ignore the thousand more important issues and swat at mosquitos, which is what fighting cannabis consumption is like. Hint: swatting doesn’t reduce mosquito populations, but it feels good.

      Or maybe this will get clarified and turn into something else. Who knows with this WH.

      What is clear is that some states will fight back if he’s serious about a fight. Washington for sure, and certainly Oregon and probably Colorado. Gov. Inslee of WA already made statements to that point (before this). CA I’m sure will as well. MA and ME? Probably not.

      On the other hand, maybe this is just political. The legalized states are almost all blue. This WH probably thinks it’s only lefties who smoke weed.

  2. “Leave it to the States,” sounds like a Federally-legal version of what is progressing through the different states right now, which is good. Chase down MJ users? Stop medical usage? I doubt Trump will do either of those. Why? Many things, but the first one to come to mind is the thought, “To what benefit?” Things like that matter to Trump, and since HE isn’t beholden to ‘Big Pharma’ at all, there is an even better chance of something good being the outcome for the future of Cannabis Freedom.

  3. The demacrats where just given the keys to Congress in 2018. Trump most likely will fail in achieving any long lasting legislation due to a plant.

  4. Despite Sean Spicer erroneously associating adult-use marijuana states with increased opioid abuse (read: fake news), a 2015 study published by Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) noted a dramatic decline in opioid-related deaths for those states that have embraced medical marijuana.

  5. This guy is brainless for not knowing that marijuana & opioids are 2 different things, & have very different effects than one another.

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