Smoking Bridezilla Into Bride Chilla


As marijuana acceptance continues to grow, enjoying cannabis in a wide variety of social situations will become the norm.


Case in point, the emergence of weed-themed weddings. Recent history dictated that if one were to enjoy a toke on the “big day,” it had to be done with discretion in your car or hotel room. But thanks to the continued legalization of cannabis, weed is not only okay at some weddings, it’s part of the overall theme.

“We had a hosted liquor bar, and then think of that but with bud instead,” said Jenn Do when describing the options available at her Colorado wedding reception. “[The wedding planners]  ended up setting up a tent and decorated it with cute lanterns, and they had a table out with a menu of the different strains we had picked out beforehand.”


Do added that the menu included information on what effect each strain would have on the guest, should they choose to partake. “We had a CBD strain which was Good Medicine, and we had an Indica-Sativa hybrid, which was BC Flight.” The flower was in jars and people were invited to open them up and smell the terpenes.

Prior to the event, Do and her fiancé Tristan Clerihew discussed how they wanted people to consume. “The wedding planners and budtenders created pre-rolls, one-hitters, and vaporizers.” The wedding was on a rooftop, so consuming these items was not a problem for our guests.


One of the added benefits of having a bud bar and making everything marijuana-themed was that even if some of the guests weren’t into pot, they were interested in learning more. “What was really cool about it was that for people who had never used cannabis, and never planned to even, they were still at the booth asking questions. So it was a really comfortable environment for people to learn about cannabis, if not actually try it for the first time.”


Another amusing aspect of the reception was the bride and groom having the first “toke” instead of the first toast. “We walked into the venue and the budtender had already given out one-hitters or pre-rolls to those who wanted to partake. By the time we got there, each of us had a joint and we [all] lit them up at the same time.”

For the members of the guest list who did not want cannabis but still looked for inclusion in the theme, there was also a CBD-infused coffee that had a calming effect with no psychoactive high. As for other drinks, it was obvious the alcohol was not as popular as the weed. “We had a ton of alcohol left over.”


As expected from a rooftop full of pot-lovers at a wedding, the food was completely devoured. “The food was all gone. We did a summer barbecue and these really fancy ice cream sandwiches. You can imagine a bunch of stoners around mini ice cream sandwiches.”

When the event was all over and the couple had time to process everything, they realized that the best part about a marijuana theme was the lack of commotion that usually comes along with many family members all in the same room at the same time. “It was the most drama-free, fun wedding. There was no drama at all,” Do said with a laugh.

So what should people know if they are trying to plan a marijuana-themed wedding or even just a wedding that has a bud bar as part of the overall fun?

“I would just say, [find] a wedding planner who is experienced in this area like we did. We were really able to hone in on how we wanted people to consume and we picked out the strains.”


The takeaway from Jane and Tristan’s wedding was that more than anything, they didn’t want people to feel like they were at some big “drug party” as she put it. Thankfully, it didn’t turn out that way at all. “It was a really classy event. People were super-educated on cannabis and since then I’ve heard nothing but great feedback.”

Time and legalization will tell if more people choose to adopt this theme for their wedding or other related events. Speaking from this journalist’s point of view, I hid in the car with my new wife, hotboxing after the night was over while we watched our guests leave. Being able to enjoy cannabis openly at the reception itself would have made that wonderful night even better.


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Jonathan Hiltz has been a journalist, a TV producer and marijuana advocate for over sixteen years. He has a wife, two young children and lives in the Toronto area.

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