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First Impressions

smokit-concert-reviewCannabis accessories are a lot like sequels: for the most part, they’re cookie cutter impressions of another, much better version; But once in awhile, you get a Max Payne 3, a Toy Story 2, or a Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses — gems. Every blue moon, an innovative new accessory will hit the market that tackles an everyday annoyance so effectively that you forget what life was like before the invention.

If the Cruz Culture Nail Crown was the most original and useful new accessory I had seen for home use, the Smokit portable smoking kit is its on-the-go counterpart. The car key fob-sized box is small enough to fit in any pocket, yet it contains most everything you’ll need to properly bake on the move — you just provide the flower.

To test the real world usefulness of the Smokit, I brought the nifty little gadget to a sold-out show where I knew the crowd would be packed and smoking logistics would be challenging. Not only did the Smokit enhance my concert experience, but I had people asking me all night where they could get their hands on one.

If you can impress a crowd full of true California stoners with a new weed toy, you’ve really got something special.

Scoring Criteria

Portability 10/10

With a smaller footprint than a credit card, the Smokit is designed to find a home in even the smallest of pockets. Seriously, this little weed wonder will be less obtrusive in your pants than a pack of gum. Plus, you won’t need to bring anything else with you besides a lighter, and even then, the Smokit would definitely hold a few matches if you really wanted to travel light. If you’re looking for a great smoking accessory for camping, tailgating, family vacations where full bong setups aren’t welcome, concerts, and more, the Smokit is a must-have.

Build Quality 9/10

The Smokit’s matte exterior is smooth and unassuming, looking like nothing more than a simple black box. But when you start to explore the different compartments and utilities of the Smokit, you realize the tiny marvel of marijuana engineering can do so much more. Each mini door of the Smokit closes snugly into the main unit, ensuring that you do not end up with a pocket full of ground-up flower. All of the hatches are easy to open with one finger, yet stay closed when you want them to.


The removable peripherals are all expertly crafted to fit cozily into their designated compartments, so there’s never an annoying “loose change” effect in your pocket. The card-shaped grinder is a highlight of the Smokit, as the grinder works efficiently and quickly without chopping up your fingertips. The design of the Smokit is genius, as you can keep the grinder card stored in the device while you use it, depositing the grinds into a chamber below. The included faux cigarette multi-hitter can then be thrust into the pile of freshly-cut grass, where a quick twist of the serrated edge secures a full, flush pack every time.

Ease of Use 9/10

The first time I picked up the Smokit, it felt like one of the handheld puzzles you play with as a child. With each flip of the device, I found another utility stowed away in one of Smokit’s nooks and crannies. It probably would have helped to read the instruction booklet, as it took me two weeks of playing with the Smokit to realize there was a hidden silicone wax container under the grinder card — but that’s on me, not Smokit. The revelation of the wax container took my Smokit satisfaction to new levels, as the device now provided me with a way to easily smoke flower on the go, as well as vape my own wax wherever I am with the included dab tool.

Price 9/10

With a device as small as the Smokit, a common complaint is that they’re easy to misplace. So, if there is one wish I had for the Smokit, it would be a small hole for which a keychain loop could attach. But again, that issue is more a reflection of the end-user — specifically this end-user who is on his 4th iPhone 7 headphone adapter. Having said that, and considering all of the different hats it wears, the Smokit is priced at an incredibly reasonable $24.99. For that price, I may just get one for each of the 2 pairs of jeans I own as well as one for my glove box. This way, when I inevitably lose it, I will still be able to Smokit wherever life takes me.

Final Verdict


If you’d like to purchase a Smokit for yourself, head to their website now.

Images Courtesy of Stephen Panosian

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