Study Acquits Long-Term Marijuana Consumption of CVD


A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health indicates longtime marijuana consumption has no direct association with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in middle-aged men.

According to the Feb. 2017 study, 5,113 participants ranging in age from 18 to 30 participated in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study for more than 25 years. For the study, doctors from the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute at Bethesda MD estimated the cumulative lifetime exposure to marijuana by utilizing recurring assessments collected at examinations every 2 to 5 years.

The result was nothing short of outright encouragement for middle-aged men who feared their lifetime of recreational marijuana consumption might lead to cardiovascular disease later in life.

“Results. A total of 84% (n = 4286) reported a history of marijuana use. During a median 26.9 years (131 990 person-years), we identified 215 CVD events, including 62 strokes or transient ischemic attacks, 104 cases of coronary heart disease, and 50 CVD deaths. Compared with no marijuana use, cumulative lifetime and recent marijuana use showed no association with incident CVD, stroke or transient ischemic attacks, coronary heart disease, or CVD mortality. Marijuana use was not associated with CVD when stratified by age, gender, race, or family history of CVD.”

Shocking few and pleasing many middle-aged men, the study concluded, “Neither cumulative lifetime nor recent use of marijuana is associated with the incidence of cardiovascular disease in middle-age.”

I’ll smoke to that.

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Born in Long Beach, raised on the central coast: I surf, dab, burn, and blog – though not necessarily in that order. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I don't drink alcohol or consume any other "drugs." I consider myself to be living proof that weed is not a gateway drug. If it were, I'd be in some serious trouble. Instead, as a 50-year-old ex-realtor that has been smoking weed for nearly 80% of my life (just did the math) ... I can only say, marijuana is safer than prescription pills or alcohol could ever hope to be for calming what stirs the savage beast.


  1. Another ‘non-surprise’. So many people have equated smoking weed with smoking tobacco, but there is no indication of any relationship. And this from study participants who almost certainly smoked their weed.

    Now, with vaping and edibles, and the removal of any potentially suspect combustion products, it should make it even safer.

    My one worry is pesticides. There is no easy way to track the kinds and effects of pesticides used over the years on cannabis. Nor whether changes over time, with potentially new pesticides being introduced, have changed the picture. This is a black hole that even the legalized states are struggling with. Who knows what black market weed is grown with?

    I make it a point to only buy from WA growers who stake their reputation on their ‘organic’ approach toward growing. That’s a small list and not always the cheapest or offering the widest variety of strains, but there are thankfully enough clean growers in WA now to keep me happy. I’m hoping that ‘organic’ weed will become a thing in all markets over time.

    Note: I put organic in quotes as the USDA doesn’t actually certify organic weed, but some growers can and do voluntarily comply with the standards.

  2. The lies the government has used regarding this plant for the last 100 years is nothing short of treason. It’s an attack on our most basic rights to choose what we consume, all for a federal government jobs program. The Prohibitionist have consistently manipulated science, preached non existent risks, to maintain their control for personal gain. The ironic thing, is it shouldn’t matter what the risks to ones self is over their choice of consuming a product, so as they are adult age and informed of those possible risks. It’s long due for the federal government to cease their prohibition policies.

    Please sign and share this White House petition…

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