WA State to Feds: Don’t Be on ‘The Wrong Side of History’


Bold and defiant, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State announced last week that his administration stands ready to defend their voter-approved adult-use marijuana law against any action brought by the federal government in court.

Already high on the new administration’s Nixonian hit list for challenging the feds ill-conceived travel ban, imposed on seven predominantly Muslim countries, Inslee issued a rather remarkable warning last Thursday to the newly sworn in U.S. Atty. Gen., according to the spokesman.com.

“Of the five or six fights they want to pick today, or any day, this is not the one they want to have.”

Perpetually embattled since being sworn in on Inauguration Day, the Trump administration was also cautioned by Gov. Inslee, “They would be on the wrong side of history,” provided the feds attempt to supersede Washington State’s recreational marijuana law.

Washington state liquor and cannabis board

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

First implemented on Dec. 6, 2012, approximately one month after voters in Washington State passed I-502, adults 21 and over have been provided legal cover for their choice of relaxing with recreational cannabis. And, flush with a mountain of substantiating evidence, Inslee seeks to persuade the GOP-dominated House of Representatives and the Trump administration that legalization is ultimately beneficial and fiscally prudent for those states that choose to embrace it.

With no major increase in criminal activity or spikes in unforeseen health issues, Washington State has generated north of $1 billion in total marijuana sales since it first legalized recreational pot.

Sold by 374 brick-and-mortar marijuana shops and cultivated by 1,081 growers, marijuana in Washington State has generated approximately $401,194,378 in marijuana tax revenue from $1,526,389,360 worth of recreational marijuana sales, which would have otherwise benefited the black market and their illicit cartels.

Still awkwardly classified as a Schedule I narcotic within the Controlled Substance Act, the State House Majority Leader, Pat Sullivan, believes the Trump administration and their new Atty. Gen. “could force us to actually shut down the industry”.

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  1. Today I’m proud to be a Washingtonian.

    Not sure if Inslee’s challenge is a good thing or bad given the way Trump thinks, but I love the sentiment of proactively defending our local cannabis laws. Shows more guts than I’d normally ascribe to Inslee, but after our state Attorney General challenged the immigration ruling, I suppose he has to be top dog in the Rebel Alliance.

    Hopefully CO, OR and CA will join the challenge. Don’t hold out much hope for support from AK, or the beleaguered governments of ME or MA given their politicos are still trying to wrap their heads around the shocking fact that voters legalized weed in their states.

    • I don’t think it was shocking at all that Alaska voted for legal marijuana. After all, it was the first state to thumb the Feds regarding marijuana possession, with the Ravin Ruling back in 76. It was quasi legal until 1991, when a southern church goer moved up here and launched a campaign initiative to make possession illegal, he only succeded in making it illegal in public and it narrowly passed, far less so than the re-legalization. Alaska is often confussed as being a conservative right wing state, when it’s more an independent libertarian populous. Don’t get me wrong, there are the far right wackos, but they are outnumbered by moderate free thinkers.

  2. Agree completely that it made sense for Alaska to legalize weed. Free thinkers indeed. My comment had to do with their governor or AG proactively standing up to this Republican president and saying hands off Alaskan weed.

    I think Alaskan politicos will try and stay out of this fight and let WA, hopefully with an alliance of CO, OR and CA, fight for their state rights.

    ME’s nutty governor won’t fight the Feds either, and MA politicos have their heads too far up their own asses to proactively fight for their citizens’ rights. They’re still trying to figure out how to deny or delay the will of the voters.

    The fight for legal weed will come from the West.

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