Your Man Wants Flowers This Year


Flowers, chocolate, teddy bears, repeat.

This Valentine’s Day, Americans are expected to spend nearly $20 Billion on gifts for their loved ones. But let’s get real for a second (looks both ways for the PC Police), a majority of that money gets spent on females. From price-gouged flowers to the expensive three-course dinner to the outfit you made him buy so he wouldn’t be wearing that stupid hoodie he refuses to get rid of on your precious VDay ‘gram — it all adds up.

So this year, consider getting your guy something really creative, maybe even memorable. Every ‘Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men’ I perused as I conducted my extensive research included some assortment of ties, socks, whiskey, and sex. First of all, enough with the ties and socks, we’re good on them until next Christmas — for real. Whiskey is alright, but we don’t have tremendous self control and February 15th is a workday, so you’ve essentially gifted us a mid-week hangover where clean socks are the only thing to look forward to the rest of the week. By all means, make love on Valentine’s Day, but definitely don’t give it as a gift because we low-key think we’re doing the same thing.

So what’s the one thing your man loves almost as much as you and he can never have enough of?

Weed, and lots of it.

weed and flowers on valentines day

California grower Lowell Farms has the perfect gift for the marijuana-loving special someone in your life with their Cannabis Bouquet. This beautiful arrangement will be the first bouquet of flowers to make your man weep with joy, as it contains 1 ounce of premium fresh-from-the-stem cannabis among an assortment of wildflowers and eucaly… they don’t care, you had them at the ounce of Purple Princess. If the recipient of your genius gift has high marijuana standards, tell them to rest assured that the exclusive limited run of 500 bouquets were all handcrafted using local, organic, pesticide-free flower direct from Lowell Farms.

If you’re interested in having a bountiful weed bouquet delivered to your special someone, and subsequently having them love you for eternity and probably longer, order here.

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