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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Coaxed to “the dark side” by the founder of Mr. Nice Seeds, the Black Widow gene pool essentially preserves the original pedigree of the White Widow strain. Initially cultivated by the Shantibaba, a noteworthy breeder who helped found Green House Seeds (GHS), Black Widow was then known as White Widow. When Shantibaba left GHS and founded Mr. Nice Seeds, he preserved the original genetics — a Sativa mother from Brazil and an Indica-dominant hybrid father from Southern India.

The Result: Creating a sense of focused euphoria and inspired creativity, Mr. Nice’s Black Widow gene pool retains the original ancestry of the world-renowned White Widow strain.

The Verdict: Black Widow is a pleasure to grow for the newbie cultivator, enjoying all the potent effects of some of the more difficult strains to develop. An amateur grower’s dream come true, Black Widow is perfect for anesthetizing the overstimulated mind as well as mitigating daily aches and pains. Like her unsuspecting male counterpart seeking comfort and companionship, first-time smokers should beware! The Black Widow high is known to induce the occasional bout of paranoia in the uninitiated consumer.

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Cannabis review of Black Widow

Black Widow Marijuana Cannabinoid Profile

Strain Characteristics

Type: 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid

Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian hybrid

Origin: Holland

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 24-26%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 1995 HTCC

Strain Profile

The Science: A Sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes her mind-altering intensity with a Indica-style body high, Black Widow’s high “flying” mental state is directly related to her cannabinoid and terpene profile: Registering 24.76% in total THC content and logging a 0.21% of CBD, Black Widow maintains an elevated level of the Humulene, Caryophyllene, and alpha-Pinene terpenes.

Appearance: The purple in Black Widow’s buds can be so dark as to even look black – hence the strain’s name. Covered in a white tichrome sheen, Black Widow’s orange hairs and green-to-purple buds give the effect of frost-covered licorice.

Consistency: Feel Black Widow’s nugs tickle your fingertips with their crystalline outer layer, but be warned: this flower will leave your digits swimming in a resinous web of goo.

Scent: A pleasant skunk aroma mixed with a nice hint of fruit cocktail – think passion fruit, kiwi, and citrus – Black Widow takes your favorite flavor profile to an elevated level of enjoyment. Black Widow merges the best of earthy greens and sweet nectars for an intensely satisfying smoke.

Taste: Once ground-up and lit, the intoxicating smoke goes down smooth with this Sativa-heavy hybrid; the fruit traces are anything but fleeting. Even after the draw and exhale, the proverbial fruit rinds linger on your tongue and down your throat.

Effect: Providing a soaring high and introspective contemplation, Black Widow’s collective compounds instill a sense of pure rapture. Inhale the smoldering fruit flavored terpenes and prepare for a thought-provoking, if not trippy, experience. Her Indica side provides a calming body high, while the Sativa side asserts its dominance as a sky-high mindset.

Strain Background: Back in the day, when the original White Widow breeder Shantibaba cofounded Green House Seeds (GHS), Black Widow had a slightly less ominous name – White Widow. Before bouncing from GHS to establish Mr. Nice Seeds, the master breeder gathered his most highly prized strains. Safeguarding the legacy of his potent and popular White Widow strain for future use, Shantibaba squirreled away his Sativa mother (Brazilian) and Indica-dominant hybrid father (South Indian). Seeking separation and distinction from GHS’s version of White Widow, Shantibaba transformed the strain’s name to Black Widow.

Medical UseA perfect strain for relieving daily lethargy, muscle cramps and spasms, dejection and pain … this Black Widow’s venom cures rather than kills.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: Black Widow is resistant to molds, mildew, and pests, which makes for a good beginner crop.

Pros: Mold resistant

Cons: Flowering time

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Find Black Widow marijuana at a dispensary near you

Original Breeder: Mr. Nice/Shantibaba

Current Breeder: Mr. Nice/Shantibaba

Known Phenotypes: Short and fast, tall and slow

Seed Bank of Choice: Mr. Nice

Flowering Time: 70–90 days (Pheno dependent)

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Pheno dependent

Expected Yield: Pheno dependent

Garden Skill Level: Beginner/newbie friendly

Family: Sativa, hybrid

Related Strains: White Widow, G13, Mango Widow, Shark Shock, Dark Widow, Nefertiti

Breeder Quote/Advice: Black Widow is best cultivated indoors or outside in a greenhouse. Inherently resistant to molds, fungus, and the constant barrage of insects, this strain requires approximately ten weeks to hit full maturation – dependent on the phenotype. Outside, in the northern latitudes, Black Widow is ready to harvest by late fall. Knowledgeable gardeners can expect to harvest approximately 1 pound per square meter indoor. Patience pays off, those who wait until the end of the cycle will have increased yields and fully frosted buds.

Photos Courtesy of Allie Beckett

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  1. I too am a Realtor of 26 years. 57 years old. I’ve been through a myriad of medications for back pain and mental issues for many years. My doctor recommended I interview to obtain a MM card.

    I’m still trying out strains that would best suit me. If not for the flower I have, I’d be bouncing off the walls in tears. I’m thankful for this avenue of medication.

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