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Cannabis Culture Loses Marc and Jodie Emery


After decades of building one of Canada’s largest cannabis empires, Jodie Emery and her legendary husband Marc are being forced by law to remove themselves entirely from their company.

Recently, in a massive police enforcement across the country, Cannabis Culture stores were raided and its employees arrested. At the top of the food chain during this questionable move by authorities lay the most famous marijuana activists in the great white north, Marc and Jodie. The two were taken into custody at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport just before attempting to fly to Spannabis in Barcelona.

As part of their bail conditions, the founders are required to cut ties completely by this Friday, with a brand that is synonymous with their name, image, and essence. A brand which, moving forward, will need to stand on its own two legs as its beating heart is forcibly removed.

“I am so grateful to be back where the nature and the forest in the mountains can soothe my soul, after that concrete jungle,” Jodie said yesterday in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. She added that being “stripped of everything I have and everything I’ve done is degrading and upsetting.”

Regardless of the seemingly miserable situation Jodie and her husband have been forced into, in true Emery fashion, she has vowed to continue her push forward to ensure cannabis activists have a seat at the table when it comes time for adult-use cannabis across Canada.

“I will fight this, I will not stop being an activist. You know, I was too busy with work to be an activist, and now, well, take away the business, and you’ve made a monster out of me.”

Emery now begins the task of removing her name from bank accounts, ending her directorship of the company and handing over day-to-day operations to longtime employees.

Jodie has been Director of the company since Marc removed himself right before his 2010 extradition to the United States, where he served a four-year jail sentence. That jail term was a result of his mail-order seed business in which he sold products to various U.S. customers.

Although Cannabis Culture started as a head shop and magazine, it developed into a vapour lounge, a political movement, and most recently a string of storefront dispensaries in major Canadian cities. These dispensaries openly scoffed at the law by allowing anybody 19 or older to buy cannabis, without a medical prescription.

Both Marc and Jodie are scheduled to be in court in Toronto on April 21, and are facing various charges including drug trafficking. Their departure from Cannabis Culture is an unfortunate piece of history for the marijuana community across Canada, but even though our most famous activists are being separated from the brand they created, there is no doubt that this is not the end for either of them.

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Jon Hiltz was a journalist for for two years and is now director of content for INDIVA, a licensed cannabis producer in Ontario Canada.


  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Excellent reporting from Canada, Jon Hiltz. Thank you. The time that it takes governments to implement new policies in relation to cannabis plants is painfully frustrating. I look forward to learning how Canada’s most beautiful “monster,” Jodie Emery, hastens that process.

  2. Steve Gilchrist on

    With a fentanyl crisis sweeping the country your think that alternative pain killers like cannabis would be promoted or at least not actively seized the way law enforcement does. Hmmm it’s almost as if they have some sort of relationship with organized crime?! There are numerous other vices all across Canada that law enforcement knows about but don’t pursue. Prostitution gambling tax evaders etc.

    • Patheticountry on

      Of course they have ties with organized crime all governments do… Usa loves their opium make people sick and die means make more money for them

      • THISIS INSANE on

        Oh, it’s not the OPIUM per se, but the synthetic opioids, that our doctors routinely over-prescribed, and pushed patients out the door with, so they would have so many, that their kids would start stealing them, eating them, and sharing them like PEZ candies. NOW we have the DEA and the FDA snapping the necks of the doctors, and telling them they need to start limiting the number of pills/prescriptions those poor hooked pain patients can have, and now we will have a serious spike in the suicide rate in this country before too long. Canada’s government, is playing lapdog, and following the (SICKO) LEADER, which started when they rolled over and played, give up the Canadian National, so the US could hassle and shove him in a cage, to shut him up. Well, it didn’t exactly turn out that way, since Mark Emory made a GAZILLION friends and supporters, down here, in every prison they sent him to, which the FEDS love to do, to their prized possessions. Much like a fellow Canadian Tommy Chong, who also had a (relatively) great time in there! This multiple failure of the law and it’s myopic view of how to control the people, jst goes to show, THEY HAVE NO CLUE.

  3. So sorry to hear, Marc & Jodie. As if you guys haven’t suffered enough!

    Take care…you have an army behind you!


  4. Yes I do feel very bad for Marc and Jodie, but I must ask, why do you not Mr. Hiltz, go and complain to Justin [the prime minister] for not decriminalizing cannabis?

  5. It is a condition of their bail ?
    So if they stayed in Jail for a bit they could still be part of the business???

    Where the hell is Justin Trudeau on all of this ??? We heard years ago that he was going to legalize all across Canada ? I thought that was the only reason he even got elected ?!?!?!
    But I am from California so I could be wrong, maybe you elected him for his great leadership skills Who knows ?
    But I would like to hear his opinion on the whole Emery Situation Wouldn’t you ???

    • I too would love to hear from Trudeau. I was recently issued permission to use medical cannabis. They don’t give cards out here in Alberta Canada anymore, you must carry the container it came in. Which is about the same size and shape of a small olive jar. Like I want to carry that in my pocket? And is not covered under almost all medical plans. Every distributor that has opened in the closest city to me, which is Edmonton Alberta Canada. Has been busted and shut down. And this is medical cannabis!
      Trudeau played us. He was not elected for his great leadership skills…..Plain and simple.
      If he wants to stick around, he’d best speak up. About his PROMISE to legalize cannabis, his decisions on this whole BS with medical cannabis, and The Emery’s. God Love them.

      • THISIS INSANE on

        Yes, as I recall, Marc and Jodie backed him as he PROMISED to legalize, and fix all of the things that are wrong with the Canadian Crown’s view of the cannabis thing. SO much for learning hard lessons. Politicians everywhere are full of shiit, and there is nothing we can do about it, since they have made the overall perception of public service, a deplorable job to do. Nobody wants those jobs, and only the scumbags will run and be elected by default, and who has the tallest pile of shiit.

  6. Salutations,

    This is all so deeply sad.

    Anyway my tears ain’t for the Emery couple today, no. Instead i’m feeling badly hurt for everyone on planet Itnoc (In The Name Of Children), because the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists never stopped taking over our institutions gradually imposing their own twisted values – which when fueled by socio-toxic fanatism routinely results in permanent prejudice, violent death by police being the worse mark of persecussion if you ask me, besides child kidnaping, and/or the cruel attempts of apprentice sorcerers to fix our youth, unable to garanty sometimes this war on drugs may end up with suicide, etc., etc.

    Ottawa’s move: the show must go on says Bill G20 Blair, in clear coherent language.

    Trudeau says the law needs to be changed 1st but his own self-serving Liberal government revised the CDSA 6 times last year alone!… Yet i’m not saying he’s just a compulsive liar and/or totally misinformed/incompetent, no. Think again! Aim higher, much higher…

    Only 1 week before elections day we learned on TV news that cap’tain Canuck & Co. rejected the candidacy of Joy Davies, somewhat similar to the short political fate of Jodie Emery, by the way. Then in mid-March it seemed nobody noticed who was the emissary that Trudeau sent to “help” organize UNGASS 2016: Hilary Geller, a non elected influent official inherited from the Harper regime… Briely put « What You See Is What You Get » certainly didn’t apply when our Health minister spoke on 4-20 at the United Nations, expressing ambivalent messages in ways to allow everone to understand what each would want to hear. Too bad the truth is that Justin’s successive decisions were always made to avoid frustrating the sensitivities of those who put him in Ottawa so far… After the same voters supported Harper. The funny thing is both governments approved extradition for life sentences and both voted in favour of mandatory prison sentences for growing a few cannabis plants – and we’re not talking about hundreds.

    Then comes to my mind this hunting question: what would Michel Trudeau have to say about his brother’s cryptic behaviour relatively to “legaleezation” and the need NOT to “please” recreational “mari-caca” consumers (he doesn’t say “cannabis”, he prefers “marijuana” which ain’t really “cool” nor friendly at all. I feel i got part of the picture why in any case, hoping many other eyes are open, or finally opening!)…

    So, what hurts most is that the dots do align to support critic suspicion and those hints and such are public knowledge, including the fact that selected LPs have kept BANNED pesticides around while Health Canada remained utterly contemplative at the idea of planning systematic widespread use of chemicals that end up as Hydrogen Cianide in the lungs of Canada’s many vulnerable “medical” patients, on the land of Mini-Harper… As if some conspiration existed that consists in the never-ending vilification of cannabis, to “save” the children.

    Beware. This ain’t improvisation and i’m not ready to believe Trudeau is really as light-headed as in “viral” carricatures, with their counterpart pushing forward on TrudeauMania as if it were the ultimate goal, a religion, etc.

    It was incoherent to reject Joy Davies for honestly/candidly trying to put focus on controversial science capable of causing a major frontal political collision between that and the “science” of doctor Warnock (Seach assylum cairo Egypt in the Victorian era)… Especially with Marc Garneau around, with true scientific background as astronaut, managing the transportation minister…

    Relatively to the present article i find that flushing Jodie was weird too, etc., but to me it was a actually carrying a heavy symbolic value which traspired in how Trudeau dealt with the UNGASS event, for example, nowhere to be seen until a couple days later when he was seen wearing his boxing gloves and seeking New York audience in front of cameras, etc., whatever, amen.

    May providence have mercy for us poor sods and peasants, we’re going back to 1923 when the 1st national ban was performed in obscure conditions by yet another brave elite Liberal, Henri-Sévérin Béland, politician/doctor who didn’t think that calling it “poison” was going far enough. Nope!… The guy effectively tranfered a provincial field of authority to Ottawa in shocking denial of democracy and for equally obscure motives all based on a bigot deceiving construction used to captivate voter imagination.

    Like it or not, while Canada was a British Dominion (…), here in Québec our law of 1885 (printed in 1890), happened to support my own present perception that there’s also a link to be made with Montréal’s pharmacists wanting to cease a market where apothecaries were probably more accessible competitors, i suppose, then the Canadian association of pharmacists got the Liberal’s 1923 ban law which may have played in their favour by eliminating the competition i guess, etc., etc!

    In short i’m no historian but the mere fact that Trudeau won’t denounce a long sequence of historical abuses already told me everything i shall need to know when we return to the election booths.

    So, no he’s not our friend dude, if that makes it any clearer. Don’t count on politicians to reverse course: we will be forced to wait that they’re done breaking the toys of others by talking it to legal courts, ritght through the top, then i fear when we do get there the damage inflicted in terms of cultural genocide may prove to be extensive. In any case i’m not hopeful for true pro-cannabic justice in my lifetime. The brick wall appears so massive in days it’s expected to be “transparent”… Still, traditional media dances making circles and in a sort of contemplative support that should discredit them, because the are people left who never confsed real and fake.

    Hummm… Oh that hurts! More void, half-truths, empty wording. Then there’s the untold horror and the sadness drains me dry suddenly. Time to conclude.

    Good day, have fun!!

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