Edibles Are the New Rosé in New York City


There’s a new socialite gracing New York City’s finest soirees and galas, and her name is Mary Jane Cannabaceae.

The New York Post spoke with a Madison Avenue socialite to discuss the new trend sweeping Manhattan’s wealthiest and most posh parties. Unsurprisingly, The Post’s source revealed that the negative cannabis stigma had faded and Fortune 500 CEOs have come out of the cannabis closet.

A 62-year-old woman named Jeri holds a weekly card game on Madison Avenue. Her offering of hors d’oeuvres  now includes “a pipe, marijuana, and gummy edibles.” The first time she did this, the host said her guests “looked at me like ‘What are you doing?’ It was like I had a weapon on me.”

Now? That same group gets “stoned out of [their] minds.”

Another anonymous source and New York socialite in the beauty industry further explained the trend to the NY Post:

It used to be a thing — if you did pot brownies at a party, no one would ever talk to you again. Now, the first thing people give you when you walk into their house are edibles…and these are Fortune 500 CEOs.

Just a few years ago, the city’s wealthiest wouldn’t be seen in public smoking weed. Now, with legalization en vogue throughout America, the same socialite with a son in Colorado’s marijuana business gets asked to fly weed back on her private jet from Aspen.

Moreover, the cannabis craze amongst this crowd has also invaded the Bar Mitzvah scene. Since there’s “only so much drinking people can do,” parents are sneaking edibles after the cocktail hour and subsequently raiding the candy.

According to that same socialite, cannabis is the much-needed ingredient at these parties for a very simple fact:

“Because most people are boring as s–t without it.”

Marijuana in New York City remains illegal, but that’s clearly not stopping the city’s “elite social circles” from having a high time.


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