Medical Marijuana Trials for Children and Teens with Mental Illness


In another bold move to forward medical cannabis to the benefit of humanity, Australia has announced clinical trials to study the effects of cannabis on children and teens suffering from mental illness. This is the latest in a growing history of benchmarks for the country.

As early as 2013, researchers were calling for the legalization of cannabis to reduce binge drinking. One year later, Australia’s first clinical trials for medical marijuana began.

The fall of 2015 proved very newsworthy when the Australian Government announced actions to make medical cannabis a reality for its people. By the summer of 2016, the country was conducting groundbreaking trials for children suffering from epilepsy.

In January of this year, Australian clinical research showed promising results in a study conducted for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Three days ago, the government announced that it was fast-tracking imported medical marijuana treatments for 29 children with severe epilepsy.

So Australia, it’s already March 3rd, what have you done for us lately?

In a first-of-its-kind trial, children as young as 12 who suffer from anxiety-related disorders will be treated with cannabis to study its effects on young people. The study is being lead by the 2010 Australian of the Year, psychiatrist Patrick McGorry.

During the research, participants will receive 2-4 daily powder capsules of CBD for a period of 12 weeks. Participants of the study group range from 12-15 years old and suffer from anxiety-related behavior.

In an interview with the media, Professor McGorry stated that the trial is for patients who have not seen success with traditional therapy. He added that “we need to get innovative and look at alternative therapies to help reduce this burden that is growing among our youth.” The study is scheduled to begin in June.

As another day ends, we can only imagine what the next announcements out of Australia will be. This one-time penal colony is quickly becoming a world leader in finding incredible uses for a formerly illegal medicine.

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