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More Cannabis Dispensary Raids Across Canada Today


It has been a very rough week for Marc and Jodie Emery as well as their chain of Cannabis Culture dispensaries across Canada.

First, Canada’s “prince and princess of pot” were arrested at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Wednesday evening before getting on a plane to attend the 2017 Spannabis Conference in Barcelona. 

This morning, a massive police effort across the country saw raids and arrests at the Emery’s various locations in Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Police forces entered the locations, handcuffed employees, and ripped out security cameras as they went about their latest law enforcement efforts.

Kirk Tousaw, the Emery’s Vancouver-based lawyer, issued this statement on the enforcement:

“This latest salvo in Canada’s senseless war on cannabis and cannabis consumers is a moral outrage and has no place in a free and democratic society. Make no mistake, this is not about Public Safety. This is not about protecting the public. There is no harm being done by the production and sale of cannabis, for medical or recreational purposes, in storefront dispensaries.”

This is not the first time both Jodie and Marc have been arrested. Jodie was taken into custody in Montreal last December along with Marc and various others who were related to their business practices. A bail hearing is set for the Emery’s on Friday.

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    • Too fucking much man. Leave these ppl alone for Chrissake. Spend all those funds by going after pedophiles and rapists ect. Honestly I thought we were on the verge of going legal I guess was misinformed which is funny cause I got my info from o.p.p.. A detective I know told me we were going legal in 2017. I’m confused. ..

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