Nearly 80% of Los Angeles Voters Said Yes to Measure M


The second largest city in the United States is officially set to become the largest in the world with a regulated cannabis market, as Los Angeles voters passed Measure M yesterday in a crushing victory.

More than 242,000 Los Angeles residents showed up to the polls to cast their ballots yesterday, and Measure M was approved by 79.36% of voters, according to the L.A. Times.

measure m-results

Measure M will allow the City of Los Angeles to issue licenses to marijuana businesses for the first time. Beyond licensure, Measure M also lays the groundwork for cannabis sales tax revenue to be utilized in a number of ways by the city once recreational sales begin next year.

Effects of Measure M

  • Elevated Dialogue: Measure M requires public hearings, where neighborhood councils, homeowners’ associations, law enforcement and the business community can participate in an open conversation.
  • Educational Programs: Assists parents and teachers determine how to keep children from being exposed to advertising of marijuana products.
  • Pot Shop Recommendations: Relies on planning and land use to determine dispensary placement in L.A., with the city aiming to issue a large number of licenses in an effort to reduce the size of L.A.’s large illegal market. The city has committed to no caps on licenses, subject to zoning review.
  • Marijuana Business Guidelines: Sets tough fines and penalties for the illegal sale of marijuana, and empowers the city to close down any illegal operators by creating certainty and a regulatory framework for businesses to operate legally under the law.

“Los Angeles is leading the country and world in responsible and inclusive approaches to legalization,” said Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson in a statement. “The passing of Proposition M is a great victory for common sense, law enforcement and all Angelenos. We gave communities a voice in the process, and their voices will be continued to be heard. This measure is what responsible marijuana laws should look like, and we couldn’t be prouder of our city.”

Los Angeles-based marijuana businesses had been operating under a cloud of uncertainty for quite some time before Tuesday’s groundbreaking decision. From 1996, when Californians voted to legalize medical marijuana, until about a decade later, the state seldom interfered with the blossoming weed industry in the city. That was until 2007, when the city effectively banned any new cannabis businesses from opening, which sparked outrage from legalization advocates and industry insiders alike. In 2013, Proposition D was passed, drawing a line in the sand for L.A. pot businesses. Prop D essentially granted “limited immunity” from prosecution to 135 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits; however, this was not a license in any way.

Earlier this week, city officials were considering raids on more than 70 dispensaries not protected by Prop D in the event that Measure M did not pass. Now, all qualifying businesses, including dispensaries, cultivation facilities, delivery services, testing labs, and more, will have an opportunity in the near future to legitimize their operation in the eyes of the city of Los Angeles and to the benefit of residents throughout the county and beyond.

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  1. We have several dispensaries in my neighborhood, and NEVER a Problem…They are really fun to go to…And it goes very well with an Organic lifestyle…Never felt better, and no more diabetes or High blood Pressure and it even regulated my weight…I have lost 75lbs due to it….Best Medication I have ever used EVER..

  2. Does AG Jeff Sessions know about the entire state of California and their…overwhelming love of all things cannabis by the voters everytime they’re asked?? Hopefully Donald will keep him on a short leash when it comes to cannabis and what the states want and will support.

  3. thanks for this keep me posted

    this is the hot topic in australia right now – every night the corporate media run a news story near death need medical marijuana or, medical marijuana saved my kid from a life of physical trauma in isolated hell

    public opinion has just swung so pro medical marijuana i suspect that the ever wealthy but now dieing baby boomers are involved – i mean they started all of this & they don’t usually like let go of anything

    so we’re going to need some advice & obviously, cali & you guys are the source

    however laws will not permit street vendor shop type distribution or, simple pay the doctor get the card & press go arrangements

    drug law in australia is about government control of people power & money using a queen victoria of england draconian guide book

    to give you an idea purchasing ciggarettes is like scoring heroin – behind all metal roller doors so you can’t see them, packets have no brand just all these pics of cancers with a name under the packet – retailers have to point & the prices because they can not by law talk about it – no advertising @ all & guess what ? ciggarettes cost more than hetoin & is one of thr governments prime cash cows

    keep going god bless :))


  4. We are Royally screwed. Now that a natural herb is ‘legal’ hereby Big Government, herb will be priced right out of the market, as they steal more and more from massive cannabis profits to shore and patch up their civic mistakes. This, behind the guise of law, and implementing unnecessary Big Government Regulations. This sweeping ‘Law’ allows for no-limit price gouging, and prices are already rising here, greed, so sad, and herb isnt about greed, it isn’t about any of this, and anyone who has ever tried it knows this is true. Same thing happened when Big Government said, tobacco is natural and a lot of people love it, let’s tax, it! We’re all complicit to allow this to happen to us yet again. Ausie James knows.

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