Nevada: New Legislation Could Cultivate Early Adult-Use Sales


Nevada Sen. Tick Segerblom proposed new legislation on Friday that would roll out an early start for adult-use marijuana sales in the Silver State.

Sponsored by Nevada Assemblymen Yeager and Brooks, if passed and signed into law, SB 302 would immediately allow existing medical marijuana collectives/dispensaries to begin selling recreational marijuana to adults over the age of 21.

Nevada Senate Bill 302

Eliminating the need to present a state-issued medical marijuana card, Segerblom’s legislation would authorize “the sale of marijuana by certain establishments for purposes other than medical use for a limited period of time; imposing taxes; revising existing taxes for sales of marijuana for medical purposes; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto,” according to the bill.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is taking a slightly more cautious approach before allowing his state to rush into adult-use sales, according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The Governor does not support the sale of legal recreational marijuana to the public until after the Department of Taxation has thoroughly reviewed the issues associated with such sales and he is satisfied that they have been properly vetted by law enforcement and other interested parties.”

Sharing similar goals but different timelines, Sandoval’s Marijuana Task Force (MTF) is cultivating its own “temporary regulations” that would also permit Nevada’s medical marijuana dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana earlier than required.

With adult use marijuana sales mandated to begin no later than January 1, 2018, the governor’s MTF is projected to complete its due diligence and provide their recommendations by the end of May to Nevada’s Department of Taxation.

Deonne Contine, the director for the Department of Taxation, has made clear on several occasions, her goal is to ensure recreational marijuana be made available for residents and visitors alike no later than July 1 2017.

Granted a $900,000 loan from the Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee to expedite the implementation of recreational marijuana sales, the Department of Taxation, Gov. Sandoval and a group of enthusiastic senators have been working feverishly toward one common goal since last November – providing access to adult-use marijuana in Nevada, ASAP.

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  1. I was hit by a drunk driver over 35 years ago and have had to deal with the nasty side-effects of pain pills. In other states I am allowed to take my pain away but in my home state, Texas, I am a criminal! Further, if I get caught testing positive for pot my pain pills go bye-bye. Which I am happy to leave them behind but cannot do so in the current climate that has gone down the “pot”ty.

    I am a highly educated, successful, tax-paying citizen but fear prosecution and many more like me would come forward IF the state was not as aggressive to silence our voice.

    Besides, the state is missing millions in tax revenue at a time when it is needed most.

    My doctor agrees that pot causes virtually no harm, considering the alternatives, but his hands are tied by stupid state and federal rules, enforcement and laws that need to be brought up to date.

    I too have used cannibus for years, with no need or want for any other drugs. “Gateway drug” story is about as lame as “Reefer Madness”. De-bunk the lies! I don’t do drugs (aside from pain pills because of a life-changing injury, don’t drink and don’t smoke cigarettes. Time for Texas to pull their collective heads out of the arse and get with the rest of the world.

    Give me access to medicine that REALLY WORKS! After all, it was a drunk driver who has ruined my quality of life and if Texas cannot or will not do SOMETHING to change these antique laws I will look at moving my life and tax dollars to another state!

    WAKE UP AMERICA! You have been fed untruths by the feds for years just so they can profit from it themselves. After all, who owns the patent on cannibus, the federal government and it has is listed as “no medicinal value”. Surprised? No. Washington has not been right about anything for decades. Any other recourse besides legalization is a slap in the face of most Americans.

  2. Medical is unbelievable all the good it does but recreational will dumb down a whole generation. This is from a person that smoked heavily for 25 yrs and then the light went on when my kids asked me to stop. Just my opinion I’m sure the hate will start flowing my way soon after this is posted.

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