San Bernardino Mayor Asks Feds for Help with Marijuana


Concerned by growing violence in the City of San Bernardino, the Mayor sent an ill-advised letter to Pres. Donald Trump in February asking the feds for help with the with the city’s “illicit drug activity.” In the letter, Mayor Carey Davis specifically rolled marijuana under the bus for greater enforcement.

After witnessing a grim spike in violent offenses during 2016, where theft, burglary, assault, robbery, rape, and murder left the city with a crime index of 2 (100 is the safest), Mayor Davis composed a letter aimed at motivating President Trump to intervene with federal boots.

“As San Bernardino emerges from bankruptcy we are striving to revitalize our community but continue to face many challenges including violent crime. Many of these crimes revolve around illicit drug trafficking, including marijuana.”

Also signing on the dotted line for all to see were San Bernardino’s Police Chief Jarrod Burguan and all seven members of the city council.

Like Pres. Trump, the city’s letter is being viewed as exceptionally contentious among San Bernardino’s diverse constituents. Historically Democratic, San Bernardino voters helped elect both Pres. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And, in Nov. 2016, the majority of voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton over Donald J. Trump.

San Bernardino, Republican or Democrat

San Bernardino 2016 Presidential General Election Results

After first asking for help from Gov. Jerry Brown and then the Obama Admin., the mayor turned to Trump after noticing his tweet on Chicago.

According to councilman Harry Nickel, “We just wanted to get the attention of the White House,” per online reports.

Mission accomplished.

Possibly violating California’s open meeting law, the contentious request was not first publicly addressed by the San Bernardino City Council before it was sent to Pres. Trump. Particularly troublesome because San Bernardino’s voters passed both a local measure and a statewide measure to regulate adult-use consumption, the city’s voters now feel betrayed by the mayor and the city council over their recent communication.

Upset and ready to be heard, residents confronted the city council at their recent meeting on Monday, where the city attorney cautioned council members they might have run afoul of the state’s open meetings law by supporting and sending the letter without first holding any public  hearings on the topic.

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  1. The reason crime could be up is because the “War on Drugs” in the rest of the country. If it didn’t need to be purchased on the Back Market everwhere else, you wouldn’t ATTRACT black marketers, like gangs! DUH!

  2. Monterey Bud: AMEN for your post. IMO, I believe the doctors are prescribing the gateway drugs and if you talk to younger people that do drugs in rural areas about drugs you would see it. Some things I have been told for reasons for taking drugs: Within conversations, not ever really speaking as a judgemental jerk like politicians, as apparently this Mayor, I hope loses their job soon! “The ADHD Drugs “prescribed” can’t be dangerous”. “Mom gave them to me”. Makes a perfect storm and gateway to taking govt sanctioned pills and then you are cradle to grave on SOMETHING they can get rich off of.

  3. I live in the SB area. The problem is the economy NOT drugs. It is in ruins after decades of anti-business Democratic leadership. But that’s hard to fix. So sucking up to the big boy to get more free stuff and add to the police state is an easy out for lazy corrupt politicians.

    Good Job!

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