St. Kitts Is Considering Marijuana Decriminalization


In what the Prime Minister of the country has called a matter of national interest, the island nation of Saint Kitts is considering the decriminalization of marijuana.

The government is currently discussing the appointment of a broad-based committee to examine the various issues involved if the country were to move forward on this initiative.

In a radio interview, Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris stated, “We have a submission going to the cabinet hopefully next week, where we are attempting to set up that broad-based committee that would look add all of the issues involved in the use of marijuana and all other matters in relation to it.”

Included in the committee will be representation from members of the Rastafarian, healthcare, law enforcement, and education communities.

Many Rastafarians and other citizens of the St. Kitts nation have been calling for marijuana reform, and the Prime Minister says that a national discussion is in order to ensure that everyone involved is properly educated on the matter. Prime Minister Harris concluded that his government will look objectively at all the findings from the commission.

St. Kitts is the latest in the many islands currently enacting or considering cannabis reform of various kinds. Those include the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Antigua, Barbados, and Costa Rica. Leading the charge is Jamaica who is in the process of creating a robust medical marijuana system complete with licensed domestic cultivation, distribution centers, and government regulated access for tourists and locals alike.

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