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With Kendrick Lamar and the Gorillaz both releasing highly anticipated additions to their catalogue, this past week may have been the best week of the year in terms of new music. Our neighbors to the north in Canada had a monster week as well, with two of their biggest cash crops reaching monumental milestones. Drake dropped another #1 album that shattered his streaming record — racking up 385 million plays — and the rest of the country was informed that cannabis legalization is expected to commence on Canada Day 2018.

The Gorillaz’ Popcaan-assisted “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)” single gets an accompanying visual in stunning 360°. The animated group born from the twisted mind of Damon Albarn also teased fans with three more songs from the long-awaited upcoming album Humanz.

Last week, Kendrick Lamar warned us on “The Heart, Part 4” that the rap game had until April 7th to prepare themselves. Yesterday, we got the first taste of what that something may be, as the celebrated emcee released a brand new video for “Humble.”









Presumably, everyone is in agreement when I say that the Chainsmokers’ pop smash “Closer” has grown fairly stale at this point. Well, everyone but Wiz Khalifa. The decorated weed rapper infused the dance hit with his own potent strain of music to make one surprisingly enjoyable hybrid of song.

This isn’t the first time Wiz has added a dash of KK to a globally adored record. As you’ll recall, he performed a live rendition of Adele’s “Hello” on LA’s Power 106.

America’s favorite weed-smoking Uncle, Snoop Dogg, made his staggering 9th appearance on Nardwuar’s eccentric interview series and puffed on a blunt filled with what we’re sure was magical.

Featured Album Strain Pairing

Kodak Black, the 19-year-old hip-hop sensation from Florida, finally released his debut album Painting Pictures last night; the “Tunnel Vision” rapper didn’t disappoint. Kodak’s unique brand of storytelling is raw and vivid, second only to his impeccable beat selection. I poured up a 2 of Dirty Sprite to sip on while I absorbed the new album, obviously using a THC-infused version of syrup produced by Cannavis instead of the dangerous codeine variety. The deep body high of the Cannavis lean helped me truly feel like I was inside the subwoofer as beats from the likes of Southside, Metro Boomin, and more put me right in the studio with “the finesse kid.” Thankfully, Kodak’s label uploaded the entire album to YouTube so you can hear it below. Hit the Weedmaps Brands page to cop a few bottles of Cannavis if you’re about that life, I prefer Grape.

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