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Strain Overview

The Scoop: A hybridized Sativa that’s laced with motivational compounds; two of Trainwreck’s greatest attributes are its soaring high and distinctive flavor. While the root of this strain’s menacing name is up for debate online, its genetics and origin are not. Commercialized and cultivated in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, the Trainwreck lineage is saturated in cannabis folklore.

The Result: True to its old school Sativa-dominant gene pool, Trainwreck provides an enlightened and creative state of mind. Perfect for the wake and bake warrior or the tired and frazzled employee, one quick bong hit is all it takes to salvage motivation.

The Verdict: Instilled with a renewed sense of optimism and energy, this locomotive juggernaut provides the requisite inspiration to gleefully trudge through our never-ending activities of daily life.

Trainwreck cannabis strain

Trainwreck lab results courtesy of Analytical 360

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa

Also Known As: Train Wreck

Genetics: (Lowland Thai x Mexican) x Afghani

Origin: Emerald Triangle, Humboldt County

How Stoned Will You Get: 6.5

Average THC: 16.38%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: 2nd Place 2015 CCA

Strain Profile

The Science: Each batch of lab tested Trainwreck will contain varying cannabinoid and terpene results. Based on the individual cultivator’s knowledge, chosen nutrients, and curing routine, percentages can often vary dramatically. Caveat given, the included test results indicate the analyzed bud had a total THC content of 16.38% with .11% CBD. The Trainwreck terpenes, which ultimately dictate the flower’s flavor, were highest in Caryophyllene (.51%) and alpha-Pinene (.40%).

Appearance: Far from a visual train wreck, the strain’s tapering flowers and fuzzy pumpkin colored pistils maintain a Sativa centric configuration. Stacked with swollen calyxes and dusted by Mother Nature’s psychedelic compounds, its soft lime green coloration lays cloaked in shiny trichomes.

Consistency: Cultivator dependent, these fresh and properly cured flowers are generally dense and sticky. Easily shredded with your basic grinder for even burning in your next blunt or pinner, a good Trainwreck should be well manicured and a site to behold.

Scent: At first whiff, Trainwreck offers a conflicting blend of menthol, citrus and sweet pine crossed with pepper. Once shredded for consumption, its methylated aroma only intensifies. Shut the windows and lock the doors when you break the strain out – chances are, your surrounding neighbors will be put on notice.

Taste: On the inhale, Trainwreck smacks of its dominant terpenes: Caryophyllene and alpha-Pinene. Loaded with pepper and pine overtones, there’s more than a hint fruit on the exhale. FYI, Trainwreck couples well with spicy food and a nice Merlot.

Effect: Mild and thought provoking, the high turns motivation into action. Sparking energetic bursts of peaceful euphoria – as well as the occasional bout of social paranoia – the strain is fit for physical activity and inspired moments of creativity.

Strain Background: An early favorite among Humboldt cultivators, the E-32 Trainwreck phenotype was first cultivated in Arcata, California. Disseminated and utilized for crossbreeding, the Trainwreck “mother” has been used since the mid-80s for creating many of today’s popular hybrids.  Though some online reports suggest the name was derived through wild crossbreeding efforts, others imply the strain was named after a nearby train wreck forced two Nor Cal siblings to execute an emergency harvest.

Medical Uses: Regardless of how the strain came across its catastrophic designation, Trainwreck benefits those suffering from low-energy, mental stress, depression and pain. Additionally, it works wonders for curing the occasional lack of appetite.

Growth and Seed Info

Find Trainwreck

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Note: After switching from the vegetation cycle, this plant likes to stretch.

Pros: Consistency

Cons: Potential for hermaphrodites

Original Breeder: Green House

Current Breeder: Green House

Known Phenotypes: Leggy and stretched

Seed Bank of Choice: Seedsman

Flowering Time: 65 Days

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Outdoors, tall; Indoors, veg cycle dependent

Expected Yield: Average

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate

Family: Sativa

Related Strains: OG Ghost Train Haze, Ghost Train Haze #1, K-Train and Train Dog

Breeder Quote/Advice: Short and squat during vegetation cycle, Trainwreck bolts wildly with new growth once the light cycle has been switched to flower. Plan accordingly and give plenty of room to grow.

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