WA State Hemp Legislation Receives Unanimous Thumbs Up Vote


On Tuesday, the Washington State Legislature voted 98-0, progressing a bill that would eradicate hemp from the state’s “uniform controlled substances act.”

Provided it’s passed into law, H.B. 2064 could plant the seeds of federal nullification for the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp for Washington’s farmers.

Washington State Hemp Legislation

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Germinating the necessary legislation for a full-blown commercial hemp industry in the Evergreen State, Rep. Vincent Buys (R) and a bipartisan alliance of state representatives introduced House Bill 2064 on Feb. 9th.

Despite the Obama administration’s passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, which permits certain states to develop limited academic and agricultural research programs under the “hemp amendment,” the farming of industrial hemp for commercial purposes by individuals and business remains prohibited.

Currently, the hemp plant’s long demonized cousin, marijuana, is legal for adult-use in Washington State. Meanwhile, back on the farm, the industrial hemp plant is still regulated as a “controlled substance” with its cultivation heavily scrutinized.

Potentially reigniting one of America’s oldest industries with the passage of H.B. 2064, the Washington State Legislature would assure this valuable plant is no longer regulated as a controlled substance under state law.

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  1. Living within 60 miles of downtown Seattle and watching various Seattle TV media there’s been no mention of this from what I can see anywhere. Maybe in the Washington Farmer magazine (is that still published?) but the local media are still pathetic as are our representatives in Congress – Patty Murray and Maria What’s-Her-Name and Dave Reichert haven’t done one thing to further free cannabis from the dark ages either nationally or especially locally. They’re a disgrace for their stance on cannabis AS WELL AS hemp and any movement of those two items are done IN SPITE of these…3 amigos who are also cannabis illiterates as well. They’ve had absolutely nothing to do with the success of cannabis and hemp in this state. Not one thing except being federal obstructionists sponsored by both political parties in this state.

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