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AG Jeff Sessions Says He’s “Got His Hands Full” With Bigger Issues Than Marijuana


America’s legal cannabis industry might be able to exhale about the federal government’s hypothetical “greater enforcement” on recreational marijuana.

In a Wednesday interview with Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s Meet the Press,” Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper revealed what Attorney General Sessions told him during their private conversation:

He’s got his hands full with things — heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine — other things are even more significant. But doesn’t mean that he feels in any way that he should be cutting any slack to marijuana.

Better yet, when Hickenlooper asked Sessions if this “greater enforcement” was happening, Sessions told him:

You haven’t seen us cracking down, have you?

Hickenlooper indicated that the initial “cutting slack” remark likely applies more to illicit cannabis activity and those trafficking marijuana across state lines. The Colorado Governor admits that while Sessions isn’t pro-cannabis, he won’t be shutting down the nation’s cannabis businesses. “He’s very clear — he is anti drugs in all forms. He’s not going to encourage anyone to start a marijuana business … That being said, he didn’t give me any reason to think that he is going to come down and suddenly try to put everyone out of business,” stated Hickenlooper.

Instead, Hickenlooper believes Sessions’ main marijuana prerogative is going after the cartel-like activities:

If they’re going to run their business, they’d better be absolutely clean … If there are illegal grows in Colorado, and that marijuana is going out of state, we’re going to nail them and we’re gonna prosecute them.

That belief falls in line with the reported assurance Sessions gave a group of Senators in March about the federal government not interfering with states’ cannabis laws.

Still, Hickenlooper concedes at one point that Jeff Sessions is by no means a fan of marijuana:

[He] feels strongly that more people smoking more marijuana — or doing any kind of drugs — is unhealthy for the country… [he’s] very concerned about a tendency towards more drug consumption.

Hickenlooper told interviewer Chuck Todd that he personally assured Sessions that cannabis consumption has not significantly increased since Colorado began adult-use sales in January 2014.

Watch the full interview here

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  1. Joseph Wisgirda on

    Guess What – nobody cares what that hateful hillbilly thinks. He probably never made it past minor Cyclops …..

  2. Clearly, it would seem, the Federal government has “bigger fish to fry” than going after legal cannabis businesses, or their customers. I think Sessions knows which way the wind is blowing. Sure wish Congress would do something to remedy this, like re-scheduling/de-scheduling. Clearly that’s not in the works, yet. Here’s hoping by, at least, 2020 close to half the states have legalized for medical/recreational.

  3. He’s a constitutional conservative, of course he isn’t going to intervene in states that voted for legal marijuana. Many of those states also voted for Trump. This is one of the few issues that anyone with any independent thought is pretty united on.

    • John Marshall on

      Voted for Trump? Not CO. Not WA. Not OR. Not NV. Not MA. Not ME.

      AK is the only legal state that went for Trump, and they a tiny, tiny drop in the bucket when it comes to population.

      I wouldn’t use this as an argument for Trump/Sessions not messing with weed.

      • Joebadoglio on

        Here in Michigan we have medical MJ and we put the Trumpenfuehrer over the finish line proudly. So there!

        • John Marshall on

          I wasn’t including medical, given that’s all over the map in terms of “access”, from imaginary (DE, FL, etc) to Michigan, which is very good. I figure if he comes after anything, it’ll be recreational.

          And yes, you Michiganders did win the day for Trumpenfuehrer.

  4. Charles E. Elkins on

    Myself I think its a smart move on Session’s part. I do not want drugs crossing boarders either. Especially Mexico. And fuck the people with grows trying to bypass laws collectives follow. The good collectives are the only thing fueling this monopoly. They must do and act right. Our future in this industry is critical to all working together. And name calling or personal criticism is not at all helpful. With state involment the market is also kept from going out of control. I want to smoke marijuana grown organically and watched so we do not end up getting sick. From all the get rich schemes. Think people. Think. Don’t be so quick to get nasty on someone. We all can’t share the same views. How boring would that be?

  5. Jeff Sessions is a man living in the 50s. He is in a powerful position. Whether he chooses to work on cannabis as an object of his concern now or ever is debatable. Although he has not as yet been focused on legal medical cannabis or recreational cannabis, I would be very careful about what he intends and what will happen in the future. Right now we are very lucky that there are other bigger fish to fry.

  6. I would strongly suggest that Mr. Sessions look very closely at ALL of the positive medical aspects that the cbd cannabis strains are doing for epileptic children, and then go up from there. This poor old man is of the mindset that rooms full of hippies are still sitting around a hookah pipe with black lights and garish phycadelic posters gleem in the night and stinking India Incense burners waft out the scent of burning tire rubber. If he would just look at all the lives saved by people opting to use a little cannabis instead of ruening their livers with alcohol, and taking the profit away from the drug cartels and rebuilding out infrastructures with the earned tax money…he might just actually wake up to the idea that cannabis isn’t some horribly addictive narcotic, but rather a life saving herb…there might just be hope for him as a humanitarian, instead of backward thinking, self important political figure. Here’s one out of your mentor Donald Trumps own book of blabber: SAD!!!

  7. Not In Denver on

    I’m not worried about Sessions. I live in a county in a state where possession is still a felony and the cannabis has all be harvested of its trichomes. Old brown mex would be better. So I don’t even bother anymore.

    • Two Americas! The progressive & free and the regressive and the not free. For the record I live in a Blue state, a blue state with a red governor.

  8. I think most of the idiots that replied to this, bashing Seshions didn’t even read the article…SMH

  9. terence mckibbins on

    There’s already de facto legalization for us (Whites) He’s just going after the Blacks and Browns so he can toss them in jail for a $10 bag then take their voting rights for seven years to life.

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