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Colorado Senate Passes Bill to Protect State if Fed Policy Changes


Colorado legislators won’t wait and see if the Trump Administration makes good on its promise for “greater enforcement” on adult-use marijuana.

Two weeks after its introduction, a full Colorado Senate passed a bill that would allow adult-use marijuana centers to transfer inventory to medical marijuana should a federal crackdown occur. The bill now heads to a full House vote before reaching Governor Hickenlooper’s desk.

The bill effectively protects Colorado’s adult-use marijuana industry if Attorney General Jeff Sessions alters federal marijuana policy to interfere with states’ rights. Should the bill move forward, Colorado’s over 400,000+ recreational cannabis plants would be able to transform into medical marijuana inventory, effectively thwarting any federal action cannabis.

The bill’s skeptics, according to The Associated Press, are uncertain the bill would stop federal action. The Attorney General and the Trump Administration have given mixed signals on cannabis policy, privately assuring Senators that “no pot crackdown [is]imminent” while maintaining that America is not a better nation with legal marijuana.

President Trump recently appointed Tom Marino as the White House’s new “Drug Czar.” Marino, who’s considered a “marijuana prohibitionist” but has publicly called medical marijuana a state’s right issue, will advise the President on America’s national drug policy.

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