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Disney World Officially Bans Marijuana


Walt Disney World just banned marijuana from its parks, according to their official website:


While “illegal substances” and “alcohol” have long been prohibited from passing through the magical gates of WaltWorld, the specific addition of “marijuana” is a new development. The recent change could be a response to Florida’s legalization of medical marijuana in November, which was approved by an exceedingly wide margin.


There are a few reasons why banning marijuana from Disney World is a problem.

First and foremost, if the state of Florida recognizes cannabis as legal and effective medicine, then who is Disney, besides a private company operating within their legal rights, to pick and choose which forms of legal medicine they let in? There are states now allowing children with medical marijuana prescriptions to be administered medicine on school grounds.

We reached out to Disney for comment and to see if their ban was limited to flower specifically.

Marijuana.com: If a child has a medical condition like epilepsy where their pediatrician recommends medical marijuana, are they prohibited from bringing all cannabis products in, or just flower? For example, could a small bottle of CBD tincture be carried in to ensure the patient is able to take their medicine throughout the long day at the park?

Leon from Disney: I understand your concern. Unfortunately all types of Smoking and Marijuana Products are not allowed at our properties.

Less importantly, the new specificity in their park rules goes out of its way to discriminate against an entire segment of Disney’s core audience. Sure, if your favorite Disney princess is Cinderella or Jasmine, you’re allowed to bring in your bedazzled tiara — but what if your favorite character is one of these less-than-subtle stoners?



ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Caterpillar, Alice, 1951.

Between the thrilling rides, beautiful lights, costumes, and an eclectic variety of cuisine options, Disney parks are a cannabis-lovers wonderland. I highly recommend Space Mountain paired with a nice Skywalker OG or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride after a few hits of Nectarine with some THC-A sprinkled on top. You’d think Disney would recognize the impending doom their exceptional churro cart bottom line is about to experience.

There has been no word as of yet on whether the ban applies to Disney hotels in the vicinity of the park, but better to be safe than sorry when you’ve already dropped 3-5 college tuitions on your family’s week-long vacation. For the record, Disneyland’s site also now lists marijuana as a prohibited item.


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  1. This effectively excludes children with chronic illnesses who use CBD oil…..as well as adults, who can at least blame it on archaic thought processes. I get they don’t want people running around with doobies hanging out of their mouths, but to ostracize kids who need this medication is cruel.

  2. The park owns the property and the park makes the rules. We live in a society that continues to break down rules and demean them. If you don’t like the rules don’t go to the park. It doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the owners. Find other ways to entertain your children or yourself. It’s that simple! Get over it!

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