Hitting New Highs, Poll Shows Elevated Support for Legalization


Higher than ever, a new Quinnipiac poll released on 4/20 indicates America’s recently surveyed electorate overwhelmingly supports the idea of legalizing marijuana in the United States.

Broken down along several demographics, the poll surveyed 1,062 voters from April 12 – April 18. Primarily inquiring how voters felt about the Trump Administration during its first 100 days in office, the survey also asked if:

“The use of marijuana should be made legal in the U.S.?”

Of those surveyed, 60% felt that marijuana should be legalized in the U.S., with 73% opposing any federal intervention against states that have voted to legalize medical or recreational marijuana.

Legalization Question:

Quinnipiac Poll Results: Should Marijuana Use Be Legalized?

Quinnipiac Poll Results: Should Marijuana Use Be Legalized?

In many instances, the poll largely underscores the growing chasm between President Trump’s decisions and public opinion.

Environmental Question:

Quinnipiac Poll Response: Americans Believe Administration Should Protect Environment

Quinnipiac Poll Result: Should Administration Protect Environment?

Marijuana’s Schedule 1 status is also high on the list of things most Americans want to see changed, with 76% of those surveyed believing that marijuana should be reclassified from a Schedule 1 narcotic.

Rescheduling Question:

Quinnipiac Poll Results: Should Marijuana Be Reclassified?

Quinnipiac Poll Results: Should Marijuana Be Reclassified?

Seeking to protect those states that have reformed their marijuana laws, a bipartisan group of four from the House of Representatives announced the formation of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus in February. The caucus group seeks to protect the rights of americans. “The Founding Fathers did not want the federal government to interfere in people’s personal freedoms,” explained Rep. Rohrabacher (D).

On 4/20, the co-founder of the Cannabis Caucus, Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, took to Reddit and warned the White House not to “impede” on those states that have embraced legalization:

“We’ve already drawn bright lines to resist potential Jeff Sessions counter-attack. We’ve pointed out repeatedly in the press and with advocate groups that marijuana got more votes than Donald Trump last November and that the American people are on our side. We’re moving forward with legislation that will prevent federal funds from being used to impede in states that have legalized adult-use. Last but not least it’s about solving specific problems and working with more states to join the growing ranks of state legalization.”

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  1. $/25/17 60% of the country has some form of legal cannabis. Jeff Sessionss declared war on more than half the country. I think we can beat the short man with the little man syndrome easily.
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