Lyft and CDOT Team Up to Offer Denver Free 420 Rides


Thanks to tourists continually removing the landmark sign, Colorado’s infamous 420 mile marker on I-70 no longer exists; in its stead is a 419.99 marker.

But throughout this year’s 4/20 celebration, locals and visitors alike will have the chance to nab miniature “Mile 420” signs dispersed throughout 4/20 events in the Denver area. In a joint effort, the popular transportation app Lyft and the Colorado Transportation Department (CDOT) will give $42 of safe riding credit to anyone who finds a mini “Mile 420” sign. Each sign will be equipped with a redeemable promo code.

Colorado will also be posting large, 3D candy bar signs to inform users on the dangers of riding high after eating edible cannabis products. Those signs will all ready “Plan a Ride Before You Bite Back.”

To discover the signs, you’ll have to be present at an event or location where the partnership will take place:

The edible display will appear for the first time at Tru Cannabis – Mile High from 4-7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18.

The giant edible display and 420 mile markers will be at the Red Rocks Amphitheater for “420 Eve on the Rocks: Method Man & Redman” on April 19; signs can also be seen at “420 on the Block” multi-venue event on south Broadway on April 20.

The partnership between Lyft and CDOT began on March 20 with the launch of the “320 Movement,” an effort to curb stoned driving in Colorado with 17 Lyft vehicles wrapped with the verbiage: “Plan a ride before you’re high.” From now until 4/20, those 17 vehicles will each offer $10 off per ride.


The partnership is all about safety and helping keep Colorado’s streets clear of impaired drivers throughout the state’s 4/20 celebration. Gabe Cohen, Denver’s Lyft general manager, stated the program’s intent:

We know that Lyft passengers are great about planning ahead when it comes to alcohol consumption, with almost 90 percent of Lyft users recently surveyed saying that they use the service to avoid driving under the influence. Lyft is proud to join with CDOT in promoting this same, safety-first message when it comes to cannabis consumption.

If you’re consuming cannabis this 4/20, then please do yourself, the industry, and the world a big favor: don’t drive high.

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