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Melissa Etheridge Flies With Her Medical Marijuana


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) briefly green-lit medical marijuana last week. Then, the TSA retracted its brief pro-pot stance with a more indifferent outlook.

All in all, the TSA reaffirmed that the organization has “no regulations on possessing medical marijuana,” and that while “possession is a crime under Federal law,” TSA agents don’t actively search for medical marijuana.

The story snowballed into a national news story, and The New York Times became the latest mainstream media outlet to wonder if it’s safe to fly with cannabis. The Times caught up with singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, who uses medical cannabis for breast cancer, and discovered that she’s been flying with her medicine for quite some time:

She said she had carried marijuana in her checked luggage, but always attaches her doctor’s recommendation to it. “Once the T.S.A. left a note that they had inspected my luggage, and they left it right on top of my weed.”

Etheridge’s tale sounds indicative of the TSA’s overall outlook on medical cannabis. If you have a medical marijuana card, and you’re flying with an insignificant amount of cannabis for an ailment, TSA clearly doesn’t — or at least didn’t — seem to care.

The singer noted that since the Trump administration took over, she’s been flying a little more cautiously with her medical cannabis.

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