Mochi Gelato Marijuana Strain Review


Mochi Gelato Strain Overview

The Scoop: The epic evolution of Girl Scout Cookies, to Sunset Sherbert and now Gelato, proves to be the most prolific cannabis breeding project in the world. Pop culture embraces these powerful genetics, from John Mayer to Juicy J, and partakes in the inspiration, creativity, and self-empowerment these strains provide. Mochi Gelato is an Indica-dominant pheno of Gelato whose flavor opened the undiscovered taste buds of cannabis connoisseurs around the world.

The Result: Providing an intoxicating combination of sweet, creamy, and spicy, Mochi Gelato pays homage to its powerhouse parents while marking her own distinctive combination of terpenes.

The Verdict: The visionary breeders with the CookieFam certainly knew they were onto something special when Gelato was forged. She is a one-of-a-kind creation; from growing to smoking, Mochi Gelato is a rare treat. Certainly one of the strongest of all the Gelato phenotypes, the Mochi has what all Cookiefam connoisseurs desire: stinky, flavorful, dense, exotic, potent, beautiful buds.


Mochi Gelato cultivated by TKO Reserve. Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett.

Strain Characteristics

Type: 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid

Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies

Origin: Bay Area, California

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 20-25%

Average Price Per ⅛: $55

Strain Profile

The Science: An Indica-dominant hybrid that mixes her euphoria-inducing effects with a relaxing Indica-style body high. Averaging around 25% THC with a dash of 0.5% CBD, Mochi provides a balanced range of a-Pinene, b-Pinene, Eucalyptol, and Limonene terpenes.

Appearance: Without a doubt, this strain is one of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on. The perfectly sculpted buds radiate a soft lavender hue, glimpses of which can be seen beneath her thick blanket of crystals.

Consistency: Her thick, resin-covered buds may be intimidating at first, but once you start breaking up those gorgeous nugs, they fall apart perfectly and evenly, exposing hints of vivid magenta. The nugs are dense and sticky — perfect for rolling joints or packing a fat bowl.

mochiScent: Named after her dynamic creamy berry aroma, Mochi Gelato exudes the exact smell of the sweet fruity Japanese dessert. The syrupy bouquet is complemented by earthy undertones and hints of fresh peppermint OG Kush. But what really keeps you coming back is the underlying sweet cream aroma that’s reminiscent of your neighborhood ice cream shop.

Taste: The thick, flavorful smoke of a nicely rolled Mochi Gelato joint goes down as smooth as silk. The flavor is similar to chai tea, sweet with subtle hints of spice. But her taste is extremely complex and so unique that it becomes indescribable. The inhale hits your taste buds with creamy, sweet, tangy notes while the exhale emanates a earthy, peppermint, and lavender punch.

Effect: Providing a blissful lift from reality and a burst of creativity, Mochi Gelato’s unique terpene profile is indulgent and gratifying. The physical alleviation is strong, but the high is still clear and bright enough for you to remain productive. Mochi’s unique terpene profile relaxes the mind and melts away stress, allowing a tranquil and inspired experience. Warning: consuming too much Mochi may lead to delicious snacks and a sound night’s rest.

Strain Background: When Cookiefam released Girl Scout Cookies, it took the industry by storm, quickly becoming the next “kush” or “haze” — no one thought it could get any better. Soon after, Sunset Sherbert came along and blew everyone’s minds again, certainly the Cookiefam couldn’t top that … until Gelato came along. By marrying the two perfect flavors of Cookie and Sherbert, the Cookiefam created an exotic, unique flavor profile — and Mochi Gelato was born. But, good luck finding these genetics — this clone-only strain is vigorous from the rooting process to her final days in bloom. Mochi likes to produce big, dense buds and yields surprisingly heavy for a “boutique” strain. While she would be most growers’ dream to work with, everyone is going to have to settle on her being their favorite plant to smoke for now.

Medical Use: A perfect strain for melting away the day’s stress, Mochi Gelato is a beautiful after work smoke to ease your body and mind into a tranquil state.

Growth and Seed Info

Note: Currently Mochi Gelato is a Clone-Only strain. Be wary of seed companies claiming to have Gelato, the original strain is under lock and key from the Cookiefam and they’ve only given it out to a select few.


Mochi Gelato cultivated by TKO Reserve. Photo courtesy of Allie Beckett.

Pros: Unique flavor profile, exclusive genetics

Cons: Hard To Find

Original Breeder: The Cookiefam (Jigga, Flux, and Sherbinski)

Current Breeder: The Cookiefam (Jigga, Flux, and Sherbinski)

Known Phenotypes: N/A

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A, currently unavailable

Flowering Time: 63-70 days

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Bushy

Expected Yield: Heavy

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: Cookie, Fruity

Related Strains: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie, Sunset Sherbert, Guava Gelato, Gelato 33 (Larry Bird)

Breeder Quote/Advice: “Mochi was selected in part because it’s short stature. One of the only pheno types I selected for indoor cultivation. Low ceiling height was no issue for the Mochi as it produces short bushy plants. Mochi is a favorite of Sherbinskis and to many others including musician John Mayer, who often expresses his admiration for the Mochi. She delivers a heavy high with an uplifting balance, and a flavor that is complex with mixed berries, and earthy undertones that please even the most discerning palates.  9-week flowering for indoor, it produces a heavy yield and huge thick buds. Outdoor, you can expect round short bushes that produce lots of buds and stay short, making it easier to cover come the rainy season in Late September/October. Mochi can be found in select dispensaries in California and Oregon currently.” – Sherbinski

About Author

Allie is a NW-based content curator for and an organic farmer at TKO Reserve. She has been a professional in the marijuana industry since she was 18 years old, spending the first five years of her career working for Dope Magazine as lead photographer. Allie has worked on mainstream projects such as Idiot's Guide: Growing Marijuana, Branding Bud: The Consumerization of Cannabis and her own self-published book, As The Grass Grows.


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    Had Mochi for the 1st time yesterday and the high was instant 1st I felt in in my face then led to a full body high my new #1 strain

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