National District Attorneys Association Seeks National Prohibition | Marijuana

National District Attorneys Association Seeks National Prohibition


With the ominous declaration that children have greater access to marijuana because of state-level legalization, the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) wants to see federal drug laws enforced across the country.

The NDAA’s position on marijuana:

Federal drug enforcement policy regarding the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of marijuana should be applied consistently across the nation to maintain respect for the rule of law.

While the NDAA claims to support the “ongoing” research of medical marijuana and the increase of “research-grade” marijuana – the federally-grown marijuana that’s contaminated with yeast, mold, and lead, according to a PBS report – they also make it clear that cultivating, distributing, selling, using, or possessing marijuana for medical purposes is in direct conflict of federal law.

According to the NDAA Perspective, “As a Schedule I drug, federal authorities have found that marijuana has a high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use, and lacks safety for use under medical supervision.”

Children’s access to marijuana is one of NDAA’s main points of concern:

Legalization of marijuana for medical use and recreational use clearly sends a message to youth that marijuana is not dangerous and increases youth access to marijuana. This is not like alcohol, which is also readily available to and a significant problem for youth, because alcohol use does not cause the same type of permanent changes to teens’ ability to concentrate and learn that marijuana does.

The cited claim about increased access comes from an organization called Rethinking Access to Marijuana (RAM). According to RAM, “The greater the number of marijuana outlets in your city, the more youth will have access to it.” This claim, while not directly cited by RAM, appears to originate from a study published in 2011 on adolescent marijuana use based data collected between 2002 and 2008. The study concluded that “the most likely of several possible explanations for higher adolescent marijuana use and lower perceptions of risk in MML (medical marijuana law) states cannot be determined.” The 2011 study suggests more research.

In the country’s most mature marijuana market, Colorado, government studies based on more recent data on the marijuana consumption habits of Colorado high school students concluded that Colorado high schoolers indulge in less marijuana than the national average for their age group.

In particular, the biannual poll conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment showed that teen marijuana use fell dramatically in Colorado after the state opened its recreational marijuana market. The study, which combines years of data to build a larger sample size to analyze, shows that marijuana use among children ages 12 to 17 dropped 20.81 percent from 2013/2014 to 2014/2015 — a 12% year-to-year decrease.

In February of this year, Colorado’s Gov. Hickenlooper told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that his state “didn’t see a spike in teenage use. If anything, it’s come down in the last year.”

While the NDAA and the cannabis community are in agreement that adolescents shouldn’t have access to recreational marijuana, unfortunately, there remains a monumental disconnect on how to accomplish that worthy goal.

The NDAA’s report is particularly alarming given that federal protections for individuals adhering to state medical marijuana laws could expire this Friday if Congress fails to pass a national spending bill for 2017. Medical marijuana businesses are currently protected by a policy rider that must be re-enacted each year. If Congress fails to pass a spending bill, Attorney General Jeff Sessions could follow the NDAA’s Marijuana Policy Perspective and begin enforcing federal marijuana laws as soon as April 29, 2017.

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  1. I never knew that they elected ignorant savages that can’t read to the position of AG. The BS they talk about is ridiculous they act like they know something but when they speak their ignorance of facts is horrifying.

    • “This is not like alcohol, which is also readily available to and a significant problem for youth, because alcohol use does not cause the same type of permanent changes to teens’ ability to concentrate and learn that marijuana does”

      Yeah, cannabis couldn’t be more different!

      Alcohol is a drug which causes more harm than all other drugs combined.

      And cannabis, as the DEA’s Francis Young reminded us, is the safest therapeutically substance known!

    • 100% in agreement with your statement. Who elected these asshats? I know I didn’t. I guess they rather see people die from alcohol abuse, liver disease, and auto accidents from driving drunk; fucktards. They should make alcohol a Schedule I drug as well. I have yet to hear of someone dying from marijuana; but alcohol – damn, all the time.

      • I read an article on a British site where some “drugs expert” told kids that if they want to get high, benzo-diazapienes are safer than weed!
        I kid you not!

      • Not to mention the people in prisons, follow the money.
        Relaxation of MJ laws/DA’s no longer lining their pockets w/drug money.

      • and i second that motion, its true and even before it was legal kids and me got it from friends or dealers and it will go back again and what a waste of money for suit wearing guys screwing it up because alcohol is worse all the way around because i have been smoking it 4 40 yrs and drinking to until a pancreatitus attack and that put me in hospital for 10 days and pot has never done that to me and my dwai was from alcohol even tho i had a quarter oz on me i threw it in the trash and said that 90 percent of the time they hust smash it in the ground were it came from i have never seen a bottle of whiskey growing from the ground. and the heroin is out of control because doctors wont perscribe them anymore and if they do you have to be like me and have known a doctor for 15 yrs like meand then u can get ur pills but its gotten harder to get these narcotics so they turn to street buying etc. and that leads us back to the start of all this stupid crap and there is thousands of starving children in el paso county its horrifying and knowbody cares and the ones that care cant do nothing about it because im disabled to only get 189.00 a month in cash and 194.00 in food, food money is plenty since my wife died and daughter moved and 189.00 doesnt do a lot. armagedon is drawing very close and i cant wait till all wicked are destroyed and earth a paradise without adam or eve this time god steps in and smashes the wicked one (satan) thx for reading all jim 55 yrs old.born in general hospital in los aneles and have seen a lot.

  2. These hyper intelligent fools think we should have uniform laws on cannabis. I do to we need to deschedual cannabis and legalize nationally. These liars know the underage use is the same or dropping in legal sates. Cannabis is the leading choice for pain relief and sleep. It also in some instances is the only thing that will work for some diseases.
    These lazy AG’s should have their humanity checked.
    A new policy goes into effect today for people caught with misdemeanor amounts of marijuana in Harris County.

    Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the new marijuana policy earlier this month. She says it will save the county millions of dollars and free up resources to focus on prosecuting violent crimes.

    The new Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion Program, which takes effect on March 1, 2017, will divert all misdemeanor marijuana cases — involving up to four ounces — out of the criminal justice system, instead redirecting low-level drug offenders into a decision-making class.
    Harris County marijuana prosecution by the numbers
    Harris County spends approximately $26 million each year prosecuting 10,000 misdemeanor marijuana cases
    Crime labs spend $1.7 million testing evidence for those 10,000 cases
    On average, it takes four hours of a law enforcement officer’s time to arrest, transport and book a misdemeanor offender
    Harris County spends $13 million housing marijuana offenders, who each spend an average of 6 days in jail
    Low-level marijuana cases account for 10 percent of cases on Harris County court dockets.

  3. Well. I am not going to advocate giving pot to kids but at the same time kids already have access to alcohol, tobacco, and most dangerous of all, prescription drugs which kill more kids than marijuana has in all of its existence (including adults that have died from marijuana overdoses).
    Anyway, this is the typical tripe people roll out to fight legalizing marijuana… “what about this children?” Pathetic.

    • If you had a kid who experienced a hundred seizures a day and medical marijuana stopped them to only 1-3 a day, you’d change your mind. NO ADULTS HAVE DIED FROM MARIJUANA OVERDOSES!! That is the point.
      By now, the complete lack of marijuana fatalities should be a huge neon sign when it comes to the politics of drug legalization. By comparison, 80,000 people die from alcohol related diseases annually. Over 25,000 Americans died in 2014 alone because of drugs prescribed to them by their doctors. On top of that, over 18,000 Americans died from *again* legally prescribed pain-killers.

      With years worth of data on drug fatalities, it would seem like common sense to step back and ask: If no one is dying from marijuana, why is it still illegal? Unfortunately, we still seem live in a world that’s a little more than nonsensical.

      • Do these brain-dead morons think anyone still believes their stupid, transparent lies?
        We all know, by now, that cannabis is the very opposite of what they say it is.

      • I love ur comment. I also no longer fight with seizures and it makes a world of difference for my fibromyalgia. My body can’t handle pain meds so someone suggested cbd oils and vaps. I don’t get “high” , I get the opportunity to have a lil bit better quality of life in a positive way. Thank you cannabis oil, u make my life bearable. Many thanks yous

    • When I was 21 I bought my first cannabis from a thirteen year old, later I got some sunshine from the same kid. The kid thing is just a club to thrash sane people that want to relegalIze .

  4. Oh please, what about the kids? They can get marijuana much faster than someone with a medical marijuana license. Just walk on any High School campus. Wake up people it’s always been there. My friend’s high school (early 80’s) in the midwest had a smoking hall. Yeah, don’t tell me they were just smoking cigarettes.

  5. Jeffry Beauregard Sessions III. Elect a racist misogynist for President, name Agent Orange, who appoints another as the USAG and the country lost freedom and sanity at the same time. There’s your answer and its YUGE. Idiots electing idiots. Sleep well.

  6. Did they seriously say, “Alcohol doesn’t cause the same type of permanent changes to teens’ ability to concentrate and learn that marijuana does…”??? Did they forget to count and add in the number of alcohol related teenage deaths each year?!?! If they want to bring out the facts of marijuana vs. alcohol, then they need to be honest with themselves and bring out ALL of the facts, not just the ones that cater to their cause.

    • All we ever got from cannabis prohibitionists was lies and more lies ─ we know they’re lying, they *know* we know, but they *still* lie, and lie and lie!

  7. keith thompson on

    I believe they want full enforcement because it it’s a easy conviction and with states with relaxed enforcement less fed money.
    It’s not like DA’s are all law abiding citizens with all their hiding discoveries that show ones innocence.

  8. “Federal drug enforcement policy regarding the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of marijuana should be applied consistently across the nation to maintain respect for the rule of law.”

    How can we be expected to respect and obey laws that have been enacted based on lies?

    “Legalization of marijuana for medical use and recreational use clearly sends a message to youth that marijuana is not dangerous and increases youth access to marijuana. This is not like alcohol, which is also readily available to and a significant problem for youth, because alcohol use does not cause the same type of permanent changes to teens’ ability to concentrate and learn that marijuana does. ”

    Yeah right! Alcohol, abused by minors and adults simply kills. But that’s okay, as long as you can concentrate and learn, right? Who cares if alcohol is a deadly substance as long as it’s not my kids, friends, or family that have been killed by a drunk driver. By the way, would you like a legal cigarette with that shot of vodka youngster?

    Hypocritical laws based on lies and deception enacted to further political and economic agendas contrary to the public good and contrary to sound scientific data, need to be and should be disobeyed.

    • Cannabis prohibitionists are the very lowest of scum who, in a perfect world, would be in jail for the great harm they’ve caused, and continue to cause!

  9. It’s game over for Trump, his cronies, his fall guys and the whole Trumper-nation. They might hate gays, blacks, immigrants and abortions, but everyone, including Trump fans, loves weed. Good luck trying to roll back the time.

    • That characterisation of Trump voters being homophobic, xenophobic and racist is just not accurate. No one “hates” immigrants, we don’t like unchecked illegal immigration and the strain it puts on the economy. The immigration system should be a meritocracy focused on bring people here coming from Democratic nations with simlilar values as our own (E.U., Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand etc). Bringing in unskilled people from barbaric places makes absolutely no sense.

  10. Both President* Trump and AG Sessions are refusing to answer my March communication to them:

    9:08 AM, Friday


    Attorney General Sessions:

    The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) states:
    “The Congress makes the following findings and declarations:
    (1) The Congress has long recognized the danger involved in the manufacture, distribution, and use of certain psychotropic substances for nonscientific and nonmedical purposes, and has provided strong and effective legislation to control illicit trafficking and to regulate legitimate uses of psychotropic substances in this country. Abuse of psychotropic substances has become a phenomenon common to many countries, however, and is not confined to national borders. It is, therefore, essential that the United States cooperate with other nations in establishing effective controls over international traffic in such substances.”

    Tobacco & alcohol are psychotropic (mood-altering) substances, affecting mental activity, behavior, or perception when ingested.
    Tobacco & alcohol are the two most deadly & dangerous of all drugs.
    Tobacco drug use accounts for more drug deaths (~480,000 tobacco drug deaths/year) than the summation of the drug deaths from the use of all other drugs, including alcohol, combined!

    Are there any scientific and/or medical purposes for the use of the psychotropic substances tobacco & alcohol? If there are, what are the scientific & medical purposes for the use of tobacco & alcohol?
    What are the legitimate uses of the psychotropic substances, tobacco & alcohol, in this country?
    What is(are) the reason(s) that tobacco & alcohol are exempt from the CSA [21 U.S.C. § 802(6)]?

    Why haven’t you called for Congress to either:
    1) Repeal the exemptions of tobacco & alcohol from the CSA and classify tobacco as the schedule I controlled substance it is by definition, and alcohol as the schedule II controlled substance it is by definition; or
    2) Repeal the entire CSA and abolish the DEA?

  11. I grew up in TN and at 14 in 2002 I started smoking herb which was/is illegal in TN, there were no dispensaries and still none and anyone could of gotten bud whenever and where ever, the point is they are wrong, I was a kid once upon a time in a state where it’s illegal and so we’re million others like me, legalizing it will only help regulate it such as stupid alcohol is.

  12. aaron greenberg on

    of course tRump and his court clown/jester are against cannabis. not only does it, in fact, kill cancer, it also expands empathic connections, consciousness and is ‘simpatico’ with our endocannabinoid system. I am a patient advocate for cancer patients seeking alternative healing modalities to chemo/radiation therapy. I work with pharmacologists and doc’s who know that full extract of cannabis oil (FECO) does indeed kill cancer cells,many types of inflammation and tumors . so much research over the past twenty years. hell, the past 1,000 years…used in healing in so many cultures. Curcumin, cinnamon, so many ‘ common’ herbs, and B vitamins increase the efficacy of the oil…so much is known.

  13. These Law Enforcers simply make up their mind that they dont like something– and they build a case in thin air…then they become hysterical in their own minds about it– then they have a drive to “clean up the whole rotten world!!” Never mind the will of the People, nor the facts– they are driven to attack us cause they are crazy!!


  15. Dennis M. Di Carlo on

    It’s not about the actual truth with these knuckle dragging Neanderthals like Jeff Sessions & Co. It has everything to do with the Alcohol and big Pharmaceutical Industries fearing declines in their already absurd profits, at the true expense of alcohol abuse and the ongoing opioid epidemic and related heroin addiction problem in the U.S. In fact the use of cannabis has been proven quite effective in curing people suffering from the same. The fact is cannabis is one of the most therapeutic substances known. these idiots in positions of authority will throw any true science out the window and keep on with their unending lies, just like the #NutCaseInChief and his merry band of mindless zombies presently ruining the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

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