Slymer Marijuana Strain Review


Strain Overview

The Scoop: Originally bred by TGA Genetics, Slymer is a clone-only phenotype of TGA’s Chernobyl strain. A citrus-centric strain with star-studded parental lineage, Slymer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that instills long-lasting cerebral effects. Perfect for washing away afternoon lethargy or the day’s stressful events, consumers can expect a serious attitude adjustment and boost of creative energy from this strain.

The Result: A heady fan favorite for today’s MMJ patients and recreational smoker in search of its exceptionally sweet terpene profile. Slymer is also highly sought-after for its unique ability to help combat a variety of psychological issues

The Verdict: Cultivated in Santa Cruz, California by RB26, Slymer’s potent flowers are loaded with appetizing terpenes that tap into her sweet genetic downline.

Find Slymer at a dispensary near you today

Find Slymer at a dispensary near you today

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: Chernobyl

Genetics: Trainwreck x Jack The Ripper x Trinity

Origin: Unknown

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 25%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

Awards: Not yet

Strain Profile

The Science: Slymer enjoys an elevated potency profile with its two main cannabinoids tipping the scales at approximately 25% THC and roughly 0.08% CBD.  High in Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Beta Pinene, and Limonene, Slymer’s overall flavor profile was inherited from its parental trilogy.

Appearance: Dusted with a resinous coating of sweet terpenes and powerful cannabinoids, Slymer was named one of the 12 best marijuana strains in America for March 2016 by SFGate. A hybridized beauty to behold, Slymer’s buds are perfectly manicured and professionally cured. Comprised of swollen calyxes and wildly intertwining pistils, simply viewing these buds instills a sense of mental relaxation.

Consistency: As is typically true with well-grown cannabis, Slymer enjoys incredible density. Cultivated to optimal maturation and processed to perfection, using your fingers to snap off a nug for a bong rip would be considered acceptable. But for those lucky individuals rolling a joint or blunt this 4.20, utilizing anything less than a grinder or scissors would be considered a smoke circle faux pas.

Scent: A treat for the olfactory system, Slymer has a citrus forward nose. Reeking of lemon and lime with a spicy citrus undertone, this strain’s overall aroma, as well as its flavor, is dictated by its collective terpene profile: Terpinolene – orange blossoms, lime, citronella; Caryophyllene – spicy, black pepper, eucalyptus; Beta Pinene – earthy; Limonene – grapefruit, orange, lemon.

Taste: As advertised by her terpenes’ citrusy profile, Slymer leans hard toward the lemon/lime side of the flavor spectrum. Pairing nicely with a Chardonnay and some fresh seafood, this strain also works well as an after dinner smoke. Great for igniting esoteric conversation and personal contemplation, Slymer’s overall zestiness adds to the enjoyment of an evening with good food and company.

Effect: One hit, two hits, three hits…soar. An energetic and creative ride, Slymer’s high can last for hours. Instilling a sense of enthusiastic curiosity, the conversations, ideas, and creative visions begin to flow.

Strain Background: Considered a cultivator of the “World’s Most Powerful Pot,” RB26  energized the standard Trainwreck x Jack The Ripper x Trinity mix. Detail oriented and data-driven, RB26’s cultivation and nutrient management routine elevated the standard Chernobyl flower, taking the potency up a few evolutionary notches.

Medical UsesAn effectual strain for stimulating appetites, Slymer also works wonders as a cure for mental exhaustion. And for those seeking a slightly more holistic approach to dealing with their daily bouts of depression and stress, Slymer’s on point.

Growth and Seed Info

Slymer by RB26

Note: A clone-only phenotype of Chernobyl

Pros: High THC

Cons: Finding the strain

Original Breeder: TGA Subcool

Current Breeder: RB26

Known Phenotypes: Fast-growing, multiple colas

Seed Bank of Choice: Clone only

Flowering Time: 65 days

Flowering Type: ScrOG

Growth Height: Tall

Expected Yield: Medium

Garden Skill Level: Advanced

Family: Sativa

Related Strains: Duke Nukem, Green Lithium, LSD, and Madd Hatter

Breeder Quote/Advice: Slymer enjoys stretching, particularly when cultivated outdoors. Keep your freshly cleaned scissors ready as this strain benefits from regular topping.

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Born in Long Beach, raised on the central coast: I surf, dab, burn, and blog – though not necessarily in that order. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I don't drink alcohol or consume any other "drugs." I consider myself to be living proof that weed is not a gateway drug. If it were, I'd be in some serious trouble. Instead, as a 50-year-old ex-realtor that has been smoking weed for nearly 80% of my life (just did the math) ... I can only say, marijuana is safer than prescription pills or alcohol could ever hope to be for calming what stirs the savage beast.


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