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Miami’s Rolling Loud festival is experiencing a surge of rapid growth that somewhat mirrors the meteoric rise of America’s marijuana industry. From humble beginnings, the upstart festival has grown into one of the premier rap events in the country by embracing new hip-hop culture and not forgetting where it came from.

rolling-loud-festivalIn just the last few years, the Sunshine State has seen numerous musical acts bust through the internet and into the collective awareness of fans across the globe. Because Florida is well on its way to becoming a hotbed for marijuana culture and hip-hop, Rolling Loud is the perfect place to unite both worlds.

Weedmaps has teamed up with one of Rolling Loud’s biggest names, Lil Uzi Vert, to curate the perfect smoking playlist to get you ready for the most anticipated event of the year in rap.

We here at want to make sure your Rolling Loud experience is a stellar one, so we’ve taken the time to handcraft this custom Smoking Guide for you to navigate the Weedmaps playlist. We’ve used our state of the art weed pairing technology to match some of Rolling Loud’s dopest artists with equally fire strains so you can take your experience to the next level.

World class athletes require months of training to achieve desired results at an event of this magnitude, but has created a foolproof 1-day training system to get you in tip-top shape for Rolling Loud at Miami’s Bayfront Park the weekend of May 5-7th.

Simply follow along on our playlist day planner and use the Weedmaps Brands page to secure bags of all the strains listed.

9:00 – 10:30 AM

Rise and shine, young Grass-hopper. We’ll be burning down trees all day — with a purpose. See, you’ve listened to music before, and possibly even turned all the way up. You’ve also smoked weed before, presumably, if you’re interested in elite-level stoner activities such as these. But have you ever tried to infuse the two together into one multidimensional adventure?

Let’s begin.

We’re going to start off the day with a wonderful morning blend from Lowell Farms. Their packs of Sativa prerolls, appropriately named The Muse, are uplifting and energetic stress relievers — a perfect way to start the day. The Muse joints pair especially well with tracks that have bright upbeat vibes and motivational themes, so Lil Wayne’s “Let the Beat Build,” D.R.A.M.’s “Cash Machine,” and Chance the Rapper’s Grammy-winning instant classic “No Problem” will kick off our soundtrack.

10:31 – Noon

As we move along further into the morning, we’re now awake and ready to turn up the bass a little bit. Let’s head outside and roll up some Super Skunk Outdoor from OC Farms to maintain that euphoric feeling we sparked earlier this AM while mixing in more powerful body effects. The Super Skunk is going to have you ready to let loose, so we’re going to stick with songs that get the day parties lit with their unique high notes. Samples like the flute on Future’s “Mask Off,” the iconic whistle on Rob $tone’s “Chill Bill,” and Father’s playful use of the xylophone on “Heartthrob” really make the Super Skunk pop.

12:01 – 1:30 PM

As we approach the middle portion of our day, let’s fuel up. It’s time for some super potent Sour Diesel from the homies at CA Unified. Known as a great mood-enhancer, this New York City classic is a match made in Stoner Heaven for cuts like “Devastated” by Joey Bada$$, Post Malone’s Quavo-assisted “Congratulations,” and Aminé’s Summertime smash “Caroline.”

1:31 – 3:00 PM

It’s lunchtime, so let’s roll up a fatty of something bursting with flavor. Pearl Pharma’s cut of Tangie is one of the best I’ve laid my eyes and nose upon, with tangerine pistils reminiscent of freshly shaved orange zest. This will be the perfect strain to transition from this morning’s more energetic strains into the slightly heavier offerings. Pair the Tangie with great midday jams like Action Bronson’s “Actin Crazy,” the chart-topping “Bad and Boujee” from Atlanta trio Migos, or Travis Scott and The Weeknd’s infectious “Wonderful.”

3:01 – 4:30 PM

After we kill the munchies with some lunch, it’s prime time to wash it all down with a tall cold glass of lemonade. The scrunched-up face you make when tasting the most tart of lemons is coincidentally the same expression one makes when they hear a fire beat, so we’ll be pairing West Coast Cure’s Lemonade preroll with certified speaker-knockers like A$AP Rocky’s “Pretty Flacko 2,” Rolling Loud headliner Kendrick Lamar’s West Coast classic “m.A.A.d city,” and “Lights” from Wifisfuneral, one of Florida’s fastest rising stars.

4:31 – 6:00 PM

As day turns to night, let’s take this opportunity to head inside for a bit as we puff on some Lemon Tree Organic Indoor. Now that we’re losing sunlight, we’ll allow the playlist to take us in a slightly darker direction on our way to the Indica section of the journey. This extremely potent and terpene-rich strain will be enhanced by listening to tracks like Young Thug’s “Thief in the Night,” Florida homegrown sensation XXXtentacion’s “Look at Me,” and Lil Uzi Vert’s new earworm “XO TOUR LIif3.”

6:01 – 7:30 PM

It has been a long day of enjoyment, but we’re not done yet so don’t give up on me now. If your body is feeling fatigued, there’s an easy fix. Mega Wellness from Nameless Genetics is one of the premier strains in the industry, known for its impeccable consistency and unmatched strength. The Mega Wellness will erase any physical pain your body is feeling while simultaneously unleashing one of the most enlightening head highs you’ll ever experience. You’ll want to pair a strain of this magnitude with only the strongest of songs, so let’s go with a bass-heavy collection that will shake you at your core while still sprinkling high notes on that bright topside of the bake. Try Carnage’s posse cut “WDYW,” Kevin Gates’ come-up story “Out the Mud,” and Future’s haunting “100it Racks.”

7:31 – 9:00 PM

Face it, you’re pretty baked right now. You may have even become one with your couch or some other sitting apparatus. Let’s mellow things out with a little live resin. Take a dab of Nature’s Lab Spacewalker Live Resin to smooth out your experience. The delicious double-cross of Skywalker OG will slow things down a bit, just enough for you to really sink into the production on tracks like Que’s “OG Bobby Johnson,” the 21 Savage and Metro Boomin masterpiece “X,” and “Thunder Man” from Xavier Wulf.

9:01 – 10:30 PM

Considering you’ve managed to raise your tolerance a great deal in a single day, we’re going to need a fairly strong nightcap. If you’re looking to get a great night’s sleep (or 3), look no further than the Gold Moonrocks from Atomik. What begins as the choicest cut of Private Reserve OG is infused with top shelf wax and then rolled in kief to form one of the most potent nuggets of weed you’ll ever smoke. Let’s close out this journey by slowing things down a bit and pair our Moonrocks with Future and Weeknd’s friendship anthem “Low Life,” Sunshine State-standout Kodak Black’s “Tunnel Vision,” and A$AP Mob’s “Telephone Calls.”

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