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It’s Sunday morning, and you want to be left alone. Everyone in the campsite smells gnarly, you’re fighting an equally brutal hangover, and you’re almost out of weed. Thankfully, there’s a super easy-to-use app that can help you with that last one. As far as your liver and your friends all hating you, may we recommend a team morale-boosting community-based smoking solution such as a fat pre-roll?

West Coast Cure’s KingCore joint is just the thing you need to rally the troops before Coachella’s final day. The Hybrid cross of King Louie and WCC’s famous Hardcore OG is known for its ability to relieve stress and physical pain roughly 15 minutes after smoking it, so you’ll have just enough time to get over to Mojave stage for GoldLink at 3:15 p.m. Yeah, we got a late start today, alright? GoldLink’s new age funk will not only blend perfectly with the KingCore’s unique strain profile but also get everybody on the squad back in a good mood. If you’re more into British Grime, the KingCore will pair quite nicely with Skepta’s fast-paced yet bass-heavy set.

Once GoldLink is finished up on Mojave, you have 30 minutes to get over to the Sahara stage for Lil Uzi Vert at 4:30 p.m. You’re going to want a little more energy to dance during this set, so we’re going to fire up some of CA Unified’s Three Kings. This triple threat combines Headband and OG Kush, which will keep our body high going from the joint, while infusing some Sour Diesel lineage to keep you up and ready a moshpit at any moment — and by any moment, I mean the moment “Money Longer” comes on.

After Uzi’s set, we’ll switch things up completely and roll a fatty of the Lemon Candy Haze from Kaya Farms. While the Super Silver Haze side of this Hybrid will put your mind in the perfect zone to appreciate the lofty sounds of Future Islands, the Lemon Skunk side may have your legs moving similarly to their lead singer, Samuel T. Herring’s signature style. Future Islands plays the Outdoor Theater at 6:10 p.m., but the Lemon Candy Haze would also play perfectly into Montreal producer Kaytranada’s set.

If you chose Kaytranada’s set over Future Islands, you’re in luck, because now you get to stay in place — a rare break at Coachella. Equally rare is our next strain, the elusive Watermelon cut from Nameless Genetics, who are releasing it as a limited run in select locations. The mystery and intrigue surrounding NG’s Watermelon are matched only by the wonder of who Khaled will bring out as guests during his can’t-miss set. During the first weekend of the festival, Khaled gave stage time to Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Migos, Swae Lee, and more, so the bar has been set high. Could we see Jay Z? You’ll have to be there to find out, and luckily the Watermelon should keep you fairly stationary.

If you’re not feeling Khaled’s special guest appearances, start making your way to the Coachella main stage to catch Lorde, who will probably be debuting a lot of music from her new album. Whip out your portable vaporizing solution, as we’re going to prepare for tonight’s headliner with a fitting tribute. Once Lorde finishes up on the main stage, Kendrick Lamar aka King Kunta aka Kung Fu Kenny will close out Coachella for the second consecutive Sunday. We’re going to enjoy the ultra-pure Crackle Berry THC-A crystalline from Guild Extracts along with Kendrick’s highly-anticipated set because they’re both at the top of their game while competition is heavy. Not to mention, this Crackle Berry will allow you to relax enough to really feel the music but still have the drive to rush toward the stage when Kenny’s new smash “DNA” starts to play.

Thanks for checking out our Coachella Smoking Guides and we’ll see you next year! If you missed out on the Weedmaps Oasis during Coachella’s first weekend, see what went down here.

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