The California Cannabis Dispensary That Caters to Kids


Most of the time when discussing anything marijuana, it’s all about the adults. Age minimums, adult-use cannabis, and various other topics that all apply to those of us who are over a certain age.

An exception to the rule is an inspiring medical marijuana dispensary out of Modesto, California called Jayden’s Journey.

This refuge for children with some of the most challenging health problems plaguing modern medicine has a playroom. In it, exists toys, video games, books, and many other stimuli that could entertain children for hours. These accouterments are essential because many children come to Jayden’s Journey to receive cannabis treatments.

“When kids come here they know that they’re getting good medicine that’s making them better,” said Jason David, Owner of Jayden’s Journey in an interview with “It has to be a comfortable environment.”

David started the dispensary and named it after his son, Jayden, who was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. After years of giving Jayden synthetic pharmaceuticals with many undesirable side-effects, a doctor recommended that he try CBD. After one dose, Jayden went from having multiple seizures a day to being seizure-free for four days straight.

Jayden’s Journey doesn’t just treat kids, they have patients of all ages as well.  “[The dispensary]  is for everybody. My youngest patient is six months and the oldest is ninety-four.”

When listening to Jason talk about his patients, especially the youngest of them, the passion and responsibility that he feels for the people who are treated at his dispensary becomes evident. On a regular basis, Jason will have parents who walk in and thank him for essentially giving their children a new lease on life. “We are springing back life to children who are dying, and we’re waking kids up who were lethargic and sedated from pharmaceuticals.”

Jason was also someone who helped the mother of Charlotte Figi, the little girl who became famous for being treated with CBD for the same condition as Jayden. “Five years ago, Charlotte’s mom contacted me to tell them how to dose. I helped them get their first dose of medicine.”

Jayden is now ten years old and Jason has been giving him cannabis since he was four. He is a perfect example of the years of life a child can take back if given the proper medical treatment. “He’s down from twenty-two pills to one [per day]. He’s eating and chewing which he wasn’t doing back then. He was in a wheelchair and he’s running and playing now.”

Jason added that a major challenge lies in society’s reliance on pharmaceuticals. “I see six-month-old babies on barbiturates and I see three-year-olds on opiates, and they’re zombies.”

The fact that places like Jayden’s Journey are able to exist is a clear sign that thankfully, things are changing. Children and infants can now go to a safe, comfortable location and receive life-altering medicine that was not available ten years ago.

If you want to learn more about medical marijuana for children, read Dr. Bonni Goldstein’s four-part series on on Children and Cannabis Medicine


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